Lavani ke Rang

What do love, desire and nature have in common? How can their depiction through folk songs using traditional motifs and imagery broaden the horizons of theatre? Get ready to be transported to a world where love, desire and nature come alive through the vibrant performances of folk musicians and dancers! At the 18th edition of Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards, Lavani ke Rang will take on the daunting task of combining different forms of performances, presenting them in a single ensemble that is stringed together by an entertaining moderation.

As you sit in the audience, be prepared to be immersed in the rich culture and traditions of the matriarchal communities of Maharashtra, as seen from the eyes of a veteran Lavani theatre malkin. But this is not just any ordinary performance—it's a game that demands your active engagement and participation! And every single member of the audience has to abide by some rules of the game! In the process, the artists themselves break from conventional rules of theatrical performances as they visibilise the audience that is usually neglected. This integral aspect of their ‘game’ marks this differently from any other show you will watch.

To break the monotony and ensure every individual remains invested in their vivid stories, the act is interspersed with an engaging dialogue with the audience. This ensures that the audience stays invested in the performance, making it an unforgettable experience.

With traditional music and dance, Lavani ke Rang will take you on a journey through themes of lust, love and desire, all set to the strong beats of the dholki and other instruments. Yet, that is not all! These musical renditions are combined with classical dance performances tailored precisely to the beats and lyrics of this music. By blending traditional music and dance, it expands the domain of theatre, drawing the audience into their vivid stories set in natural environments. The enthralling set, filled with imageries of nature, will keep you on the edge of your seat till the very end.

Don't miss this opportunity to witness this rich and vibrant cultural extravaganza that brings together different forms of performances, presenting them in a single ensemble that is stringed together by an interactive, awe-inspiring blend of centuries-old Marathi forms of dance and music with modern theatrical elements.

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