Gopal Ure & Co

Annadamongal Kabyo is a three part Bengali narrative poem written by Bharatchandra Ray. At the 19th edition of Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards, the play Gopal Ure & Co presents a rustic Jatra style retelling of a section of the poem.

Crafted in a unique play-within-a-play format, it revolves around manager-director Gopal and his troupe rehearsing Bidyasundar, a segment of the play.  An ancient and well-known text of erotic love, also considered a prayer for Goddess Ma Chandi, the text narrates the tale of Bidya and Sundar. But Gopal Ure & Co, set in colonial Bengal, with a zamindar as the promoter of the play being rehearsed, is also about fighting for equity, social justice and resistance.

Weaving together drama, dance and song, the play showcases the actors' protest against the zamindar in the face of unpaid dues and severe exploitation.

The underlying message being  that the ethics, ideas and craft of an artist are not for sale. The play witnesses the assimilation of Pala Gan, a narrative Bengali folk ballad style, and tappa, a form of semi- classical vocal music, in a vibrant and candid scenario, with the audience being made a part of the interaction. Don’t miss out on this evocative performance, all set to be staged at the 19th META!

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