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  • Political Satire
  • 1 hour 40 minutes

Set in Mahar village, The Outcaste is based on an autobiography of SHARANKUMAR LIMBALE. As a first-person account of the struggle against deprivation, discrimination and violence, the play captures the dehumanizing impact of caste oppression in Hindu society.

An acknowledged masterpiece in the Mahar dialect, The Outcaste is revelatory as it asserts inner quest for Dalit identity using original language, idiom, metaphor and imagery.



  1. Shilpa Bharti-                                       Masa ma
  1. Anjali Sharma- Swanta, Kushum and Koresh
  2. Sunil Bihari- Limbale, Hanmanta, Dada and koresh
  3. Vivek Kumar- Bharmin, Patail, Limbale and Koresh
  4. Abhishek Chauhan- Limbale, military and Koresh
  5. Ashutosh Kumar- Limbale, Military and Koresh
  6. Roshan Kumar- Limbale, military and Koresh
  7. Ranu Kumar- Limbale and Koresh
  8. Abhishek Anand- Limbale and Koresh
  9. Sameer Kumar- Limbale, Masa ma, Potraj, Military and Koresh
  10. Ravi Mahadevan- Limbale and Koresh
  11. Nandkishor Kumar “Nandu”- Limbale, Military and Koresh



Special thanks to MR PARVEZ AKHTAR for the costume. The same was designed in 2009 for Akkarmashi

Conceived & Structure             Randhir Kumar

Sound-                                                             Bhupendra Kuamr

Precaution-                                          Aditya Gunjan

Song Research and compose-              Abhishek Chauhan

Song-                                                   Bal Gangadhar Baghi

Set Idea-                                              Abhishek Chauhan and Divya Ratan

Set and Property Construction-                        Prabodh Vishwakarma

Poem-                                                  Dr. Wahru sounwaney

Research-                                             Amitesh Kumar

Video Editing & Videography-                        Aijaz Hussain

Video Courtesy-                                  India untouched and Ambedkar Film

Video operation and

Technical In charge-                            Rajeev Rai

Costume Making-                                Saheb Tailor

Steel Works-                                        City Steel

Kamarbandh-                                       Sudama Pandey

Printing-                                               Lokvani Publication

Chorographer-                                                 Om Prakash

Production Assistant-                           Himanshu Singh

Autobiography-                                               SHARANKUMAR LIMBALE

Director-                                 RANDHIR KUMAR

As the play Outcaste is based on an autobiography, its text demands a different kind of performance treatment. Every text is different and demands an objective performing language. The outcast brings out the dehumanizing impact of caste oppression in Hindu society and the narrator is haunted by the question of his fractured identity. As already mentioned this is not a novel, story and or a play. It is an autobiography coming alive. It is material that open our creativity in so many ways. Outcaste makes us realize the atrocities faced by people living in remote areas of India. The pain of Sharan Kumar, the writer of this autobiography, is not only his suffering, it is that of millions who fight for their self-respect and dignity. Their live may have different references but their anguish, agony and sorrow remain the same. Outcaste does not seek your sympathy, it is angered by it. Outcaste goes beyond the writer, it raises question about the caste system, ethics, society, religion and values.

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  • Event Concluded

  • 00:00:00

  • Kamani Auditorium

  • Director:

    Randhir Kumar 

  • Producer:

    Raaga Repertory 

  • Language:


  • City / State:

    Patna, Bihar

  • Production House:

    Raaga Repertory 

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