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Drama in Diversity

Like every year, META 2018 swept Delhi thespians and theatre-lovers off their feet with a vast canvas of plays touching on varied and complex themes, regions and languages. Over 300 entries, representing 12 states across the nation, were received by the META Secretariat. In an innovative step forward, the Secretariat introduced an Advisory Committee which ran selections in different regions of the country. The selection process was fully digital! Applicants filled in all information online on the META website and uploaded plays on the META YouTube channel which was a private link for the Committee. META 2018 celebrated the works of over 160 artists in an intense week-long romance of the stage showcasing 10 shortlisted plays nominated across 13 award categories representing 5 languages - Bengali, English, Hindi, Malayalam and Rajasthani. The jury watched each play with meticulous attention, missing nothing.

1500 theatre productions, 5000 artistes, approximately 300 various themes covered across 28 different states. All have come together, on one stage over the 13 years gone by!

META Recognises Theatre’s Varied Elements Like Playwriting, Set, Costume and Light Designing, Direction and Performance.

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The Veterans Speak

There is something about the adrenaline rush in a live performance that can make you do completely crazy things… it’s as if the character takes hold of you and pulls the strings.

Shabana Aazmi

A good drama experience can feed a child’ heart and causing him or her to dwell in infinite realm of wonder.

Sushma Seth

Everything is created through an Actor’s body, voice and gesture. Without an actor, there is no creation in theatre.

Rajat Kapoor


08 Feb, 2017

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31 Mar, 2017

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01 Apr, 2017

OUTCASTE was a unique play in Hindi

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