We have had a season of meaningful theatre & many conversations around it. META 2021 has been special, unique and much needed. Theatre helps us make sense of our reality and connects the dots in our minds. This season of META had your back and in turn, we savoured the love you showed it. And so, we have decided to bring you META 2021 Season 2 - a series of some more META-winning powerful plays every week along with searching conversations. The stage will show us the way.

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Theatre is a many-splendoured thing and spring for us has always meant META – the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards & Festival. The pandemic in 2020 taught us many lessons – the most important among them was about ‘thinking out of the box’ and reinventing what we knew as normal. So, in 2020, we hosted a swashbuckling virtual META with Indian theatre’s first-ever virtual award show.In 2021, we continue to curate virtually and bring to you a month and a half of the very best of META – online.

Ten plays which have won a META in the past 15 years will be aired on our social media handles along with live virtual conversations on each play, workshops and masterclasses curated on themes around the stage, the backstage and beyond. The arts, and in particular, the theatre community, were devastated by the pandemic. META reaffirms its commitment to theatre with its 2021 edition and looks forward to continuing its efforts to recognise, reward and reinvigorate the best of the stage across India.

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