Event Info

16th April 2018 | 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Kamani Auditorium
2 hours
  • Language: Malayalam
  • City / State: Calicut, Kerala
  • Directed By: Jino Joseph
  • Produced By: Black Theatre
Event Concluded


Nona, a socio-political satirical play, directed by the acclaimed Malayalam theatre personality, Jino Joseph, is set in rural India and examines pseudo – nationalism and casteism through the story of Govindan, his family and neighbours.

The narrative is about how Govindan’s conniving son Prasanth through his project of an advertisement film about the map of India in his courtyard creates boundaries that change the dynamics of a peaceful and connected community. Ultimately the villagers with the help of Govindan see through the sly motive of Prasanth and fight him back. The play culminates with the villagers rejoicing after wiping out the boundaries created by Prasanth.

On Stage

  • Midhun Musafar: Prasanth
  • A K Shaji: Govindan, Prasanth’s Father
  • Priya K S: Govindan’s Wife
  • Aswathy P: Prasanth’s lover
  • Amal A K: Prasanth’s younger brother
  • Anil Kumar T P: Farmer Narayanan
  • Prakashan E: Magician
  • Anagh Kakkoth: Pothen Shaji
  • Arun K K: Gireesh
  • Abin A P: Chandru
  • Rajeev Kumar P: Manikandan
  • Sudhi Panoor: Sulaiman
  • Arathi P: Sulaiman’s Daughter
  • Sajith P: Appunni
  • Binoy P: Cameraman
  • Akshay Sunil P: Light Boy
  • Athulya P: Preetha
  • Devika Sunil P: Preetha’s Daughter
  • Harsha Das: Village Girl
  • P C Shaji: Farmer 1
  • Babu A: Farmer 2
  • Neethu P: Farmer2’s Wife
  • Mohandas: Kunjiraman
  • Dinith Karthik: Production Boy
  • Sabareesan: Village Guy

Off Stage

  • Sanoop M T: Set Operator
  • Abhilash K: Set Operator
  • Lenin Das Babu P: Set Operator
  • Rajesh Kumar P: Set Operator
  • Jobish AK: Set Operator
  • Bineesh P: Set Operator
  • Libin Ajay Ghosh P: Team Coordinator
  • Sajas Rehman: Light Design & Execution
  • Abid P T: Light Design & Execution
  • Shabil C S: B G M Execution
  • Sanoop A P: Makeup
  • Sharon TK: Technical Support
  • Deepa Divakar: Subtitles
  • Jino Joseph: Playwright & Director

The play is set against the backdrop of social stratification and pseudo-nationalism impacting Indian society today. A bunch of amateurs in rural India collaborate to assert their right to voice opinions through the power of theatre while taking on these social issues.

Symbols of nationalism are vital to our national identity, but genuine patriotism transcends these symbols.

The uniqueness of the play lies in its use of an entire hamlet and its inhabitants to deliver an interesting and experimental fare with touches of the avant garde. The sets of the play also reflect the rebellious content of the play.

Great care has been taken to convey the passion behind the theme of the play with political responsibility and within the limitations of rural theatre.

I am sure that the characters and the situations in the play will follow you home and leave a lasting impression on you.