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Shri Ram Centre
2 hours 10 mins (10 mins interval)
  • Language: Bengali
  • City / State: Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Directed By: Goutam Halder
  • Produced By: Naye Natue
Event Concluded

Moimonsingha Geetika

Moimonsingha Geetika is a Bengali folk ballad which envisions a society that allows women to love freely.

The play tells the story of a girl, Mahua, the daughter of a Brahmin living in Gara mountain, who is kidnapped by a group of gypsies when she is only six months old. At the age of sixteen, she falls in love with a prince called Nader Chand. The gypsy leader Hoomra is opposed to this and orders Mahua to kill Nader Chand. Mahua kills herself instead and later the gypsies kill Nader Chand. Mahua’s story is an eternal tale of love and loss and the unassailable strength of a woman.

On Stage:

  • Goutam Halder: Hoomra, Main Narrator
  • Santanu Ghosh: Saudagor, Percussionist & Narrator
  • Parthib Roy: Nader Chand, Chorus Singer & Narrator
  • Pronay Biswas: Mainka, Chorus Singer & Narrator
  • Bibaswan Sarkar: Chorus Singer & Narrator
  • Pranay Kumar Nag: Chorus Singer & Narrator
  • Tamsuk Routh: Chorus Singer & Narrator
  • Sivajyoti Sarkar: Chorus Singer & Narrator
  • Tanmay Maji: Chorus Singer & Narrator
  • Nirmal Mondal: Chorus Singer & Narrator
  • Niraj Kumar Mandal: Musician: Harmonium
  • Nilansuk Dutta: Musician: Main Percussionist
  • Satyajit Choudhury: Musician: Violinist
  • Prabir Das: Musician: Flute
  • Dyuti Ghosh: Mohua & Dancer
  • Sanghita Dutta Chakraborty: Chorus Singer & Narrator
  • Swati Dasgupta: Chorus Singer & Narrator
  • Ashirbani Bardhan: Chorus Singer & Narrator
  • Moushumi Ghatak: Chorus Singer & Narrator
  • Teesta Mondal: Chorus Singer & Narrator

Off Stage:

  • Goutam Halder: Lead Singer, Music Composer, Choreographer, Set Designer, Light Designer and Director
  • Dyuti Ghosh: Costume Designer
  • Samir Ghosh: Make Up Artist
  • Soumitra Bhandari: Sound Engineer
  • Subhankar Dey: Light Operator
  • Tanmoy Sen: Light Operator
  • Bhola Chatterjee: Light Operator
  • Mainak Basu: Subtitle Operator & Back Stage Management

While reading Moimonsingha Geetika, the balladry of Mohua and Nader Chand inspired me very much. We have performed many serious political and social plays dealing with complex problems of adult existence. The ballad of Moimonsingha Geetika explores human complexities as well as love, the purest form of feeling treasured by mankind. This story speaks of the ideals and norms that society holds important, the meaning of differences in social status and their effect on human relationships.

Love which inspires all nourishes all too, from a prince to a gypsy. Our sole task in presenting this play was to capture the essence of that love which pulsates at the core of this tale. The performance style follows traditional story-telling patterns fused with popular Western movement forms along with folk-tunes and is thereby transformed into an organic whole which conveys the spirit and soul of poetry.