Event Info

14th April 2018 | 8:00pm - 9:00pm
Shri Ram Centre
  • Language: Non-Verbal
  • City / State: Puducherry, Tamil Nadu
  • Directed By: Koumarane Valavan
  • Produced By: Indianostrum Theatre
Event Concluded


Karuppu is a dance-drama based on the age-old Dravidian cultural rituals depicting a universe that absorbs all imbalances like a black hole from which rebirth of everything anew is possible. It is presented through the ultimate union of Purusha (male) and Prakriti (female) energies and the birth, destruction and rebirth of the universe.

The theatrical experience takes us through the separation of Purusha from Prakriti that destroys the universe through mythical characters including Iphigenie, Ophelia, Medee and Kali; the destruction is not permanent, as nothing is. Only in the powerful destruction of the world and all its constituent materials and forms by Karuppu (Dark energy) is the reunion of Consciousness and Nature possible giving rebirth to all of existence.

On Stage:

  • Ruchi Raveendran: The girl, Iphigenia, Lover, Ophelia, Clytemnestra, Medea
  • Santhosh Kumar: Animal, Tree, Dog
  • Mani Bharathi: Lover, River, Dog, Manipulator
  • Vasanth Selvam: Animal, Father, Tree, Agamemnon, Dog, Jason
  • David: Manipulator, Tree
  • Kalieaswari Srinivasan: Ritual Performer, Tree
  • Priyadarshini: Ritual Performer, Manipulator, Tree
  • Avinash: Manipulator, Tree

Off Stage:

  • Jean – Jacques Lemêtre: Sound Design
  • Kalieswari Srinivasan: Voice
  • Baby Charles: Light Execution
  • Vasanth Selvam: Stage Design
  • Mani Bharathi: Choreography
  • Koumarane Valavane: Light design & Director

Karuppu is about the Kala Teeka or the black spot that is put on a new-born to ward off evil. Karuppu is black, but not evil. The darkness in us is tamed by age-old cultural rituals which absorb all negativity like a black hole from which rebirth of everything afresh is possible. Karuppu is the world without a creator: it is the vision of a world born simply from the union between Prakriti (the feminine) and Purusha (the masculine). Karuppu is the ultimate form of energy. This dance-drama shows the evolution of this dark energy through five strong women mythical characters – Iphigenie, Ophelia, Clytemnestre, Medee and Kali

This dynamic union between energy and consciousness is fragile, destructive and regenerating, and is depicted through the relationship between man and woman through this dance-theatre.