Play Teasers

The Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards (META) and Festival have showcased the best in Indian theatre over the last 14 eventful years and created benchmarks for perfection. Years which have witnessed social, political, economic change across the country. Years which have seen India change irrevocably - new technologies and ideas have amalgamated with the traditional and created newer narratives. META has been at the centre of this process with plays and themes which have reflected societal trends, futuristic thoughts, ancient wisdom and mythology. Not only has the content traveled with META's journey, costumes, sets, lighting and design too have evolved over the years. Our throwback videos are an attempt to capture META's awe-inspiring journey and the people who have been at the cusp of the META voyage of discovery.



Directed By: Swati Dubey

Produced By: Samagam Rangmandal

Andha Yug(Hindi Adaptation)

Directed By: Joy Maisnam

Produced By: TAAM, Manipur

Andha Yug (Gujarati Adaption)

Directed By: Dr. Chavan Pramod R.

Produced By: Rang Prayog

Bhagi Hui Ladkiyan

Directed By: Dhwani Vij

Produced By: Aagaaz Theatre Trust

Chandâla, Impure

Directed By: Koumarane Valavane

Produced By: Indianostrum Theatre

Chillara Samaram

Directed By: Arun Lal

Produced By: Little Earth School Of Theatre Malappuram

Loose Woman

Directed By: Maya Krishna Rao

Produced By: Vismayah


Directed By: Achutha Kumar

Produced By: Theatre Tatkal


Directed By: Bineesh K

Produced By: Dravida Entertainments