About The Absent Lover


The Absent Lover, a theatre production about loss and rediscovery, is inspired by a 5th century play (Vikramorvishyam) by the Sanskrit poet-dramatist Kalidasa.
The play begins when a wandering story-teller, the Sutradhara, invites us into a mysterious forest glade, invoking the magical spirits of the forest from the inner realms of the dense forest to reveal the ancient story of love story from the pods of a magical tree.
A King (Pururuvas, Son of the Moon) has lost his beloved wife (the nymph-Queen Urvashi) in the forest. It is a wild and stormy night. As the King struggles through the forest, he encounters strange and wonderful manifestations of nature. His ordeal becomes a metaphor, an intense crucible of self-examination. Through pain and longing, he journeys towards redemption and true love.

Event Info:

  • Director: PreetiVasudevan
  • Duration: English & French
  • Language: 1 hour 10 minuntes

Cast & Crew:

  • PreetiVasudevan : Performer/Dancer/Urvashi
  • Celine Pradeu : Performer/Dancer/Flower spirit
  • Gilles Chuyen : Performer/ Narrator/Pururavas
  • Raju Das Baul : Performer/Forest spirit/Musician
  • Les Dickert : Lighting Designer/Stage Manager