About Sarhad Paar Manto


Sarhad Paar Manto is a double bill of stories  Khol Do and Toba Tek Singh centering on Partition by Saadat Hasan Manto.

Sarhad Par Manto has taken up two stories of human agony. Their powerful content can scar our sensibilities even after so many years. The Statesman

Khol Do
Sirajuddin gets separated from his daughter Sakina in the turmoil of the eight hours journey by train from Amritsar to Mughalpura. It is only when the maze of images  looting, fire, running for life, station, gunshots, night and Sakina.settles down to a still focus that Sirajuddin becomes aware of the loss, and in his desperate bid to recover Sakina, he only manages to place her in the hands of a band of young razakars [volunteers], who seduce her, rape her and leave her to die.

Toba TekSinghCaught in the utter confusion of an exchange of lunatics between India and Pakistan, Bishan Singh, a Sikh lunatic in a camp in Pakistan, is obsessed with Toba Tek Singh, the small village in the Punjab which was his home. When he cannot really understand where the village has gone, the loss leaves him shattered. He refuses to be pushed into India, declares himself Toba Tek Singh. In the end in no mans land which lies between the barbed wires of Pakistan and India lay Toba Tek Singh on a patch of earth with no name.

Event Info:

  • Director: Usha Ganguli
  • Duration: Hindi
  • Language: 1 hour 30 Minutes (no interval)

Cast & Crew:

  • Story:Saadat Hasan Manto
  • Set Design:Khaled Choudhury
  • Lighting Design:Tapas Sen
  • Script, Music, Design and Direction: Usha Ganguli
  • Make-up & Stage Management: Parthasarathi Sarkar
  • Production Manager: Vijay Roy
  • Sutradhar Usha Ganguli
  • Sirajuddin Chhabilal Ram Sonkar
  • Sakina Sanhita Dutta
  • Harbhajan Kaur Ratna Roy Choudhury
  • Hameeda Aruna Mukherjee
  • Sabeena SrabaniGuhu Roy
  • Refugees
  • Manju Brahmachari
  • Kumkum Roy
  • Gouri Ghosh
  • Roma Mitra
  • Smita Chakraborty
  • Maitreyee Sarkar
  • Rani Mitra
  • Archana Parihar
  • ManjariMishara
  • Volunteers
  • Parthasarathi Sarkar
  • Manoj Choudhury
  • Anil Tiwari
  • Om Pareek (o.v.) 
  • Refugee / Volunteers
  • Harishankar Das
  • DipeshRajak
  • AparajitaMitra
  • Swadesh Mondal
  • Refugee / Nurse Rupasree/ Majumdar Refugee / Doctor: Bablu Acharya
  • Volunteer / Police / Refugee: Vijay Roy
  • Volunteer / Doctor:UdaiBhagat
  • Refugee
  • Suryakant Tiwari
  • Vinod Rajak
  • Deepak Mishra
  • Arindam Bhattacharya
  • Master Tara Singh:Suryakant Tiwari
  • Raunak Singh/BSF Vijay Roy
  • Jassi (Jaswinder):Manoj Choudhury
  • Premi (Harkisan):Harishankar Das
  • Guard / Pakistani Ranger
  • Parthasarathi Sarkar
  • Fazaldeeen / Guard:UdaiBhagat
  • Maulavi:Bablu Acharya
  • Balwinder:Suman Chanda
  • Harbhajan:DipeshRajak
  • Sukhwinder:Sanjeeb Banerjee
  • Khuda / BSF:AparajitaMitra
  • Santosh Rana:Anil Tiwari
  • Raunak brother:Deepak Mishra
  • Lunatic:Swadesh Mondal
  • Pakistani Ranger:Ajay Yadav
  • Raunak’s mother:Rani Mitra
  • Tara Singh’s wife:RupasreeMajumdar