About Numbers in the Dark


A vein is to a leaf what an individual is to a collective. It follows then that the reflection in the mirror is a link to your life. Numbers in the Dark, a theatrical creation aims to explore the realm of individual truth as shaped by our collective memory and the loss of identity. The broken images within and outside of the system makes us pose the question; which truth does one trust? And,whose truth?

Unable to rely on documentation, media, or even history, to tell us the whole truth, today’s citizen often finds the reflection in the mirror contradicting the source.

The play found its direction stimulated by characters in Harold Pinter’s Mountain Language, that echo the marginalization within our own system.
Numbers in the Dark tries to explore the universal question: What is our real truth? What is our real identity? Is there one at all? Are we just numbers in the dark?

Event Info:

  • Director: Atul Kumar

Cast & Crew:

Source Material
  • Harold Pinter: Mountain Language and Nobel Acceptance Speech
  • Italo Calvino: The Mirror-The Target, World Memory, Solidarity, Black Sheep.
  • Mr. Suhaas Ahuja
  • Mr. Naren Chandavarakar
  • Mr. Prashant Prakash
  • Mr. Hyder Ali
  • Mr. Namit Das
  • Ms. Rachel D’Souza
  • Mr. Sujay Saple
  • Mr. Atul Kumar