About Mythical Surrender


In human history, during war and armed conflict situations the victorious party often raped women of the vanquished party and it was performed as routine-work rather than an exception. In a predominantly male-dominated society women are raped for all kinds of reasons at all times during war or not. Rape is used as a strategy to destroy the morale of the enemy.

The play is constructed upon the backdrop of military combing operations conducted as counter insurgency measures in the NE region of India. The playwright tries to express the existing situation by using covert and symbolic theatrical gestures.

The story is about one woman, Shanarei, who was raped by a serpent  like human. Such a heinous act left an agonizing, oppressive and everlasting memory in her life. When the child born out of this unholy alliance grew up it used to adopt the serpentine manners of the rapist. Unable to bear any longer, the mother killed the son to save the future of her society. Yet, she was crying and howling incessantly up to the last lines of the play Oh, my dear son, my precious but the son of the enemy!

Event Info:

  • Duration: MANIPURI
  • Language: 1hour 10 mins (No Interval)

Cast & Crew:

  • Ningthouja Jayvidya as Ibotombi
  • Md. Juma Khan as Captain Dama
  • Ngariyambam Jiten as Chaothoi
  • Moirangthem Prasanta as Ningthem
  • Takhellambam Sachikumar as Choukidar
  • Thoudam Kiyo as Journalist
  • David as Puthiba
  • K. Captain as Maiba
  • N. Chingkheilakpa as Ningthem Junior
  • Tkhellambam Joychan as Lanmi
  • Ksh. Sanjoy as Lanmi
  • K. Priyobarta as Lanmi
  • N. Amocha as Lanmi
  • Ksh. Sanjoy as Lanmi
  • N. Lanjen Lancha as Lanmi
  • Kh. Kennedy as Lanmi
  • Kh. Bikram Kumar as Lanmi
  • S. Somorjit as Lanmi
  • Nepram Dhanapati as Sanarei
  • N. Jennifer as Lairembi
  • Ch. Loyalakpi Chanu as Maibi Mayoknabi
  • L. Nirmala Devi as Khunja Nupi
  • T. Meme Chanu as Khunja Nupi
  • S. Bidiya Devi as Khunja Nupi
  • M. Rina as Khunja Nupi
  • N. Malemnganbi as Khunja Nupi
  • Light : G. Imotomba Sharma
  • Assistant Light : M. Imendro Singh
  • Make-up : Kh. Jiten
  • Stage Manager : T. Schachikumar
  • Set & Prop. : Ng. Jiten & T. Sashikumar
  • Documentation & Publicity : Prasanta Moirangthem
  • Stage Art : R.K. Tombisana
  • Media : Rinku Khumukcham
  • Costume : Ch. Loyalakpi & Th. Kiyo
  • Music : Laishram Ratan
  • Music Assistant : Huidrom Anilkumar (Drum)
  • Playback singer & Music consultant : Lourembam Bedabati
  • Production in-charge : Md. Juma Khan
  • Production Manager : Ningthouja Ronika
  • Production Advisor : Ningthouja Jayvidya
  • Playwright : Buddha Chingtham
  • Design & Direction : Ningthouja Deepak
  • Production : NT Theatre, Manipur