Donning animal masks and motifs and carrying totem poles, miruga vidusagas (animal jesters) journey into war  torn lands, highlighting the plight of refugees affected by war calamities and drawing attention towards the problems faced by migratory population due to industrialization. They stop briefly to speak about the issues and concern of indigenous people and women, questioning the control of people by the government and misuse of power by the media and finally appealing to the people for the creation of a world based on love, justice respect and dignity for natural resources and people. Symbolised as refugees in the dramatic tradition, miruga vidusagas analyze the past and present, question, criticize and comment, and also offer innovative ideas and solutions for the problems of contemporary societies. The play Mirugavidushagam is a physical manifestation of a combination of mythology, history and rituals.

Event Info:

  • Producer: Manal Magudi
  • Director: S. Murugaboopathy
  • City: Kovilpatti
  • Duration: Tamil
  • Language: 1 hour 40 minutes

Cast & Crew:

  • Kodaangimurugesan.B
  • Vijayakumar.G
  • Ranjan
  • Nandhakumar
  • Guhan
  • Manojkumar. J
  • Palanikumar K.C
  • Muthukumar .A
  • Chandra sekar .A
  • Velmurugan
  • Living Smile Vidhya
  • Tamilarasan
  • Bagrudeen
  • Bosco
  • Karthik
  • Ramalingam
  • Reuben Paul Nathanael.P
  • Lighting
  • N. Rajakumar
  • Photography
  • Vetrimaran
Folk Music
  • Krishnavel Appanasamy (Urumi)
  • Stage Manager,
  • Rajan Ethartha
  • Deepa Rajkumar
Troupe Leader:
  • Ilangovan (Konanki)
  • Boobalan.
  • Music, Script, Direction: S. Murugaboopathy