About Mamtaz Bhai Patangwaale


There was nothing that Bikki loved more than to fly kites. And there was no one he idolised more than Mamtaz Bhai, the greatest kite-flyer in the world! Theirs was a story of love, hatred, jealousy and revenge. But thats an old story. Vivek is a grown man. Mamtaz Bhai is old. And little Bikki burnt to ashes many years ago

Event Info:

  • Producer: ARANYA
  • Director: MANAV KAUL
  • Duration: HINDI
  • Language: 1hr 20mins, No Interval

Cast & Crew:

Cast details
  • Asif Basra
  • Saurabh Nayyar
  • Ghansyam Lalsa
  • Aseem Hattangady
  • Geetanjali Kulkarni
  • Jashodhara Sen
  • Neha Nahata
  • Umesh Jagtap
  • Kunal Upadhyay
  • Ajitesh Gupta
  • Trimala Adhikari
  • Serena Walia
  • Writer, Designer & Director: Manav Kaul
  • Design: Shawn, Vivek Jadhav
  • Production: Farukh Seyer, Bhushan Vikas
  • Lights: Shawn
  • Sound: Bhumika Dube