About Jazz


There’s jazz, there’s rock n roll.
There’s sax, there’s violins.
Slipping in slivers of Dixieland stomp, Portuguese Fados,
Ellingtonesque doodles, cha cha cha, Mozart and Bach themes.
There’s Mumbai, Bombay, India.
There’s egos, failed futures, alcoholism
There’s love, passion, bounced cheques.
There’s show-biz, razzmatazz.
And some of the biggest names in popular culture from
C Ramachander to Laxmikant Pyarelal to Shankar Jaikishen to RD Burman.

Event Info:

  • Director: Etienne Coutinho
  • Duration: Musical English
  • Language: 1 Hour 10 Minutes (No Interval)

Cast & Crew:


Bugs Bhargava Krishna
Rhys Sebastian Dsouza

Supporting cast:
Priest: Lionel Pereira
Man 1: Ashley Nazareth
Man 2: Neal Pires
Man 3: Shaukat Baig
Woman 1: Clara Pereira
Woman 2: Yvette Braganza
Woman 3: Anisha Fernandes
Woman 4: Annabel Ferro Dsilva
Woman 5: Ella Atai
Woman 6: Marita Nazareth
Old Man: Gopi Kukde
Old Woman: Ursula Da Costa

Playwright: Ramu Ramanathan

Director: Etienne Coutinho

Based on research by Naresh Fernandes

Music composer & sound design: Merlin
Producer: Denzil Smith

Stage design: Etienne Coutinho

Lighting design: Etienne Coutinho & Amogh Pant

Lighting consultant: Viraaf Pocha

Costumes: Asif Ali Beg
Production co-ordination: Akanksha Gupta

On lights/Asst. director: Amogh Pant

On sound: Sudeep Naik
On video: Sameer Lukka

Backstage: Rajesh Dodhiya, Akanksha Gupta


VIDEO credits:
Director of Photography: Ramesh N
Camera rental: Pankaj Singh
Lights rental: Rajkumar
Sound recordist: Dinkar


Dezadd Dotiwalla
Rajesh Raoulo
Ashok Vishvakarma

Editor: Parag Dilip Sheth