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Monday | 27 March 2023 | 06:00 PM
Shri Ram Centre
1 hr
  • Language: Tamil
  • City / State: Delhi
  • Directed By: Srijith Sundaram
  • Produced By: Kattiyakkari

Nooramma: Biriyani Durbar


Food is political. Food is an identity. And in the politics of food, some are marginalised and some food choices are privileged above others. In this society that discriminates due to gender at every step of the way, food politics plays a major role in the lives of transgender people. What effect does these politics have on their livelihoods, ways of life, social organisation, and relations with the larger community? We look at a family and a lineage of trans food artists - a lineage made not by blood but by chains of community and nurturing, and we see how Nooramma, with generations behind her, rises to the challenges of the politics of food. Biryani Durbar is a fictionalised account based on the true testimonies of trans generations and their lived experiences.


A Revathi – Nooramma


Srijith Sundaram – Director
Appiah – Light Board Operator
Anish Anto – Production Stage Manager
Aruvi – Sound Board Operator, Assistant Stage Manager
Gana Vimala – Original music
Sowmiya – Zareena
TM Krishna – Original music

Biryani Durbar has been a lifelong creative dream for me, one that stands as a testimony to the way that the trans community has embraced me. Something that struck me about the community is how only gruesome deaths make it to the news. Beyond these great tragedies, trans people have lives, loves, hopes, dreams, disappointments - just like anybody else would. It is in this sphere of ordinary life that the politics of food and nurturance is situated, of both survival and care, of feeding and caring for a community as one would water a plant and watch it grow. It is here that Biryani Durbar is also situated, and I hope that you'll see the queer community in this new light through my play.