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Thursday | 07 July 2022 | 07:00 PM
01 Hour
  • Language: Hindi and English
  • City / State: N/A
  • Directed By: Nikhil Mehta
  • Produced By: Black Box Okhla



In 1971, a tribunal is tasked with selecting three artefacts that represent India to the world. Flash forward to 2018: transcripts of the tribunal meetings are released to the public. And in 2019, For the Record recreates the deliberations, the disputes and the drama of a chain of events.


Created by Dhwani Vij, Kriti Pant, Krittika Bhattacharjee, Kshitij Mervin, Neel Sengupta, Niharika Lyra Dutt, Prashant Prakash and Nikhil Mehta. 

Dhwani Vij 
Neeraj Kakker 

Kriti Pant 
Vijaya Radhakrishnan 

Krittika Bhattacharjee 
Mrinalini Sathpathy Gooptu 

Kshitij Mervin 
Mukund Kumar 

Neel Sengupta 
Janardhan Trivedi 

Niharika Lyra Dutt 
Nooria Mistry 

Prashant Prakash 
Floyd Miranda 


Deepa Dharmadhikari
Light Design 

Dhruv Rai
Sound Design

Arroon Jindall
Light Operation

Nikhil Mehta 
Conceive, Design and Direction

Nayantara Parikh

Anil Sharma 
Set Construction

Presented by Black Box Okhla 
Black Box Okhla (BBO) is a performing arts initiative founded in 2017. A laboratory for exploration and development, it is a blank canvas inviting artists to fill it with their wildest dreams.

A broad and absurd question is at the heart of For the Record – how do we represent our culture? What does it sound like? What does it look like? Whose stories do we tell?

The absurdity of the question lies both in the obvious futility of finding a definitive answer but also in the infinite possibilities present within the question.

For the Record follows 7 individuals facing this conundrum and their earnest attempt at finding an answer.


Nikhil Mehta is the founder of Black Box Okhla, a multi-arts performance lab in New Delhi. His directing credits include Monsoon Wedding Musical (co-directed with Mira Nair), The Shakuntala Project, Woyzeck, Sunday in the Park with George on Broadway (Assistant Director) Rangoon, the movie (Director's Assistant to Vishal Bhardwaj) He has an MFA in Theatre Directing from Columbia University.