At the 18th edition of Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards, a play entitled  ‘Via Savargaon Khurd’ is based on the story of the villagers of a tiny village, Vidarbha in Maharashtra. The play takes inspiration from the novel of the same name and presents a collection of powerful monologues that explore the complex power dynamics between two groups. Through the intense and relentless monologues, the play realistically portrays the challenges faced by the villagers during the gram panchayat elections while also delving into their personal lives and relationships. It is a compelling performance that sheds light on the struggles and triumphs of rural communities.

The plot develops through the characters' autobiographical narrations. The actors are seen playing a range of different characters – mother, son, wife, husband – all with their own sets of issues and challenges they face in their everyday lives. The play focuses on the joys, pains, and social issues in the lives of rural dwellers and the caste-based hierarchy in various villages across India. The characters through their monologues bring to light the dilemmas, poverty and dominance the poor suffer. 

The sorry plight of the farmer who faces a drought year after year; the status of women in the male-dominated society and the rampant exploitation of the weak which is prevalent. It presents to the audiences a complex picture of rural politics, social conditions, sexual connections, interpersonal animosity, political ambitions, and dysfunctional families. 

The characters paint an image of the community through their narration, actions, and morality. The play also showcases  how the spirit of the village has evolved through time. The characters through their narration, behaviour and conscience draw a character of the village itself. Viewers of the play can expect a narrative in touch with reality depicting various social issues while simultaneously focusing on the functioning of the everyday lives of rural households and society.

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