Siachen - A Bone-Chilling Performance

At the 19th edition of the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards, you will have the opportunity to witness a bone-chilling play, Siachen, which is based on the survival journey of three Indian soldiers on the Siachen glacier, the coldest and highest battleground on this planet. Not only does the play unpack the physical difficulty of surviving on the glacier, but it also delves deep into the political and social layers that are all deeply intertwined with this landscape.

The play has been written by Aditya Rawal and directed by seasoned theatre personality Makarand Deshpande. Originally in English, it was translated into Hindi by Raghav Dutt.

The play opens with four soldiers on stage, with jagged and steep ice-covered rocks looming behind them. One of the soldiers is in the sick bay, holding onto an oxygen mask tightly, gasping for any breath. As the play progresses, you see three soldiers and a body bag. This sets the tone for the rest of the play, where these men are battling not an enemy, but something far worse: apocalyptic weather conditions that seem to care about nobody. The stress and tension felt by the characters is palpable and reverberates through the theatre, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats.

What adds to this thrilling play is the impeccable production, allowing the audience to truly immerse themselves in it. The production is further complemented by music produced by Ajay Jayanthi, which is able to elevate the situations in question. Watch this incredible performance at META 2024!

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