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Daklakatha Devikavya

At the 18th edition of Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards, get a chance to witness a Kannada play, Daklakatha Devikavya, adapted from the works of  K.B. Siddaiah's epic poem of the same name. This striking performance begins with a re-reading of a mythological tale and gradually progresses into the narration of age-old caste structures within oppressed communities. The production evokes several emotionally charged moments, including the portrayal of the Dakla community's daily struggles for sustenance and a sense of identity.

Throughout the storytelling experience, various objects and acts symbolise something greater than what meets the eye! Further elevating the performance, live music and the sounds of traditional Dalit folk instruments - the areye and the tamte - are woven into the fabric of the story. The play is a representation of and a call to acknowledge Dalit communities' histories and stories.

What is also noteworthy is the play's portrayal of gender inequality within the community, highlighting how it fosters hierarchies based on unfounded prejudices.  Daklakatha Devikavya is a tale of a community that is perceived to be marginalised even within the broader category of the oppressed. It is a stirring not-to-be missed theatrical production that will urge you to think, reflect, and question the prevailing societal paradigms and the machinations of their oppressive systems.

Watch this incredible performance at the 18th edition of META! 

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