Avalanche - A Stirring Saga

At the 19th edition of Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards, opening against the eery backdrop of hushed whispers and tense movement, Avalanche, penned by Turkish playwright Tuncer Cücenoğlu, delves into the experiences of three generations within the span of a few riveting hours.

Unfolding with three compelling acts, the narrative is based in a mountain village gripped by the perpetual fear of an impending avalanche. For nine long months, they are steeped in a world of oppressive silence, with every step, breath, and movement overshadowed by the looming threat.

As we are introduced to the scene of an old man battling with the ghosts of his past, a young couple is faced with the stifling claws of a tradition of enforced silence in the face of the birth of their child. Every movement and step across the stage is indicative of the fear they face and the constant threat they are under.

A stirring tale of oppression masked by custom, Avalanche takes us through the bitter reality of suppression in the name of the common good, portraying a society crumbling under the pressures of self-preservation versus the reign of tradition. Don’t miss out on this evocative performance, all set to be staged at META 2024!

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