Event Info

6th March 2019 | 8:00 PM
Shri Ram Centre
1 Hr
  • Language: English
  • City / State: New Delhi
  • Directed By: Maya Krishna Rao
  • Produced By: Vismayah
Event Concluded

Loose Woman

An episodic show of dance, theatre, music and video, this play has been woven together to discover the many ways in which a woman experiences different ‘spaces’ – the personal and the world beyond. Laced with both humour and serious introspection, a woman discovers the possibilities of ‘looseness’ in her life – and of the new directions she can take. The play cleverly explores the heavy irony of the expression 'loose woman' and lays bare a slew of emotions.


Maya Krishna Rao: Main Performer

Sumant Balakrishnan and Sudheer Rikhari: Sound Designers and Performers (Live Music)


Abhinav Khetrapal: Lights & Stage

Santana Issar: Video Design

Maya Krishna Rao: Conception & Direction

Way back, in 2002, I had made a show called A Deeper Fried Jam. In trying to recreate it, I found myself veering towards this woman – the ‘loose woman’. Possibly, it’s the sign of our times – it is by looking through a woman’s gaze that we see, in sharp relief, the currents and undercurrents at play in society. This performance derives, in its entirety, from improvisations with a guitar-player and a singer. Musically too, we wanted to keep it loose – traverse a range of musical references – from rock to blues to sounds closer home. For each show, we change the mix of episodes, to keep her fresh and alive.

- Maya Krishna Rao