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  • Political Satire
  • 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Set in a village, Lassanwala is about Kallu Brahmin a garlic seller and his family. Being a staunch Brahmin he refuses to eat garlic, yet grows and sells it, against his son and daughter in law’s wishes. A series of tragic -comic events shakes his firm belief in the caste system and make him re-evaluate his life and relationships through a new prism of social equality.

Himanshu Talreja Kallu Bahman
Namya Saxena Rani
Ved Prakash Dhanua
Hemant Pandey Bikki
Parth Zutshi Mata Prasad Pandey
Alok Kumar Gullu
Ankita Dubey Phuliya
Amarjeet Singh Doctor Chagoli/Mama
Shivam Gupta Havaldar Tripathi
Shashi Ranjan SHO Shahid Khan
Anadi Ravi Nagar

Bhavesh Mohan Joshi

Pranat Joshi




Anadi Ravi Nagar

Namya Saxena

Music Design

Costume Design

Ambika Chandra Production Head
Shivam Gupta Production Assistant
Jaydeep Apte Light Design/ On Lights

Lassanwala is a kaleidoscope of the memories of my growing up years on the outskirts of Bareilly. Vidit Tripathi, my partner in crime, saw the scope of fiction around my scattered but real experiences. He took on the arduous task of writing a script that would be impetus enough, to assemble a group of people who’d pull out time from their busy schedules to create something from scratch. Vidit and I always wanted to explore the local folk music of western Uttar Pradesh in a play and here was my opportunity. We were hugely influenced by the teachings and songs of Sant Kabir Das ji and have borrowed heavily from him in essence and soul. This production would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment of the team. The lapses and imperfections are entirely mine and the merits are courtesy the team.

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  • Event Concluded

  • 00:00:00

  • Sri Ram Centre

  • Director:

    Hemant Pandey 

  • Producer:

    Apna Manch Drama Company and Teflas studio

  • Language:

    Hindi & Khadi Boli

  • Production House:

    Apna Manch Drama Company 

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