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  • Historic
  • 1 Hour 20 Minutes

The play is based on the life and literary works of the 19th century Rajasthani poet from Bundi, Suryamall Mishran.

In 1818 when the native princely states became the protectorates of the East India Company, Raja Vishni of Bundi also signed a treaty the same year. After his death in the year 1821, Rao Raja Ram Singh at a very young age took over the throne in the presence of Colonel James Tod. The play reflects Suryamall Mishran’s loyalty and devotion towards Raja Ram Singh and strong friendship with Balwant Singh. Works of Suryamall Mishran like Vansh Bhaskar, Balvad Vilas have been used in the play to portray some real incidents and facts as well as his inner conflicts against the backdrop of the Revolt of 1857.

Rajendra Panchal – Suryamall Mishran

Rajesh Vilayatrai – Rav Raja Ram Singh

Vijay Patidar – Balwant Singh

Hitesh Kumar – James Tod

Kuldeep Singh- Bahadur Shah Zafar

Tarun Batra- Bishnu Singh

Ajay Gurjar – Rangpatti Holder

Harshit Jain – Rangpatti Holder

Mujaid Hussain – servent/Painter/announcer etc.

Back Stage – Swati Gautam, Namrata Kataria

Projector (Subtitle) – Shareef Nadan

Music Team- Dhan Kumar, Rohan Sharma, Deepak Singh , Somitra Kanungo

Paintings – Shambhu Singh Chobdar

Light OperationGovind Singh Hada

Design and Direction – Rajendra Panchal

This play is based on the personality and creations of the great poet Suryamall Mishran of Boondi, Rajasthan. The play revolves around the revolution of 1857 and examines the inner conflicts of Suryamall Mishran. The play relies on books written by the poet himself, i.e., Vansh Bhaskar, Veer Satsai, and Balvad Vilaas, and also other material to depict historical facts and incidents through the play.

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  • Event Concluded

  • 00:00:00

  • Little Theatre Group

  • Director:

    Rajendra Panchal 

  • Producer:

    Perafin Society

  • Language:

    Rajasthani & Multi-lingual

  • City / State:

    Kota, Rajasthan

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