Event Info

8th March 2019 | 6:00 PM
Shri Ram Centre
1 Hr 5 Min
  • Language: Malayalam
  • City / State: New Delhi
  • Directed By: Arun Lal
  • Produced By: Little Earth School Of Theatre Malappuram
Event Concluded

Chillara Samaram

This short play chronicles a protest begun by the common people of a town against their town corporation authority which wants to replace every small shop with glitzy malls and ban the use of coins. Highly symbolic, the play, in which the people of the town go on strike, recreates and envisages the travails of a small-town shopkeeper faced with the reality of the modern retail movement and all that it brings in its wake.


Suresh K: Retail Trader, Farmer, Theatre Activist
Akhil KP: Retail Trader, Thousand Rupees, Police
Mithun Lal K: Retail Trader, 25 Paisa
Abid PT: Retail Trader, Match Box, Beedi
Srijesh K: Retail Trader, Five Hundred Rupees
Aneesh Sankar: Corporation Authority, Retail Trader
Jishnu K: Retail Trader, Gold
Sanjay KS: Live Music


Arun Lal V: Director
M.P. Rajesh: Script Writer
Vivek S: Music
Sajas Rahman: Light Design and Operation
Abdul Majeed PH: Stage Manager
Sarath Kumar V: Subtitle Operator
Sudev PS: Set Manager
Vibin Das OM: Property Manager
Anas AV: Technical Support

We follow a style of theatre using only a few sets and costumes and make the performance more effective using the body language of the actor which is very significant. We dream about a theatre language which gives importance to the body of actors rather than the theme or the set. In this play, we use the body language of actors derived from rural art forms of Kerala like Chavittukali and Ayyappanvilakku. Songs and steps of these art forms are also used. The characters of Chillara Samaram play unique roles. Beedi, Cigarette, Match Box, Twenty five paisa, Dollar, Thousand Rupees are characters in this play. These characters also represent ordinary people.

- Arun Lal