About Transposition


Ishara’s puppet and dance version is based on Rashna Imhasly’s book .The Psychology of Love “ Wisdom of Indian Mythology” where she has used both the versions from the Vetalapanchcavinasati and Thomas Mann’s Transposed heads as representative stories depicting the illusions of love. It deals with the duality of each person, between illusion and reality with stylized puppet archetypes and dancers, to a score composed and compiled by Sawan Dutta.
It’s a non-verbal -no text performance- to music with some narration in-between -poems and sayings from various poets including Rumi, Thomas Mann and others. Transposition features three large puppets and dancers with projections and a dramatic recorded music score with chants.

Event Info:

  • Director: Dadi Pudumjee
  • Duration: Musical

Cast & Crew:

  • Puppeters: Puran Bhatt, Anurupa Roy, Pawan Wagamare, Vivek Kumar, Viraj Srivastav & Dadi Pudumjee.
  • Dancers: Shailaja Nalwade,Swapan Mazumdar ,Dninesh Bali
  • Choreography: by the dancers dadi Pudumje with inputs from Astad Deboo.
  • Music and Sound Design: Sawan Dutta.
  • Flute: Ajay Prasanna
  • Cello: Tapan Mullick
  • Vocals: Sukriti Sen
  • Verse: Faiz, Rumi, Thomas Mann, Kabir, M.Kaul.
  • Chants: Dr Acharaya Mukul Mishra
  • Video Animation: Vishal Dar,
  • Lights: Sanjoy Roy
  • Puppets: Dadi Pudumjee, assisted By Pawan Whagmare, Hemraj, Rambabu & Puran Bhatt.
  • Design and Direction: Dadi D.Pudumjee