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Friday | 15 March 2024 | 06:00 PM
Shri Ram Centre
70 mins
  • Language: Assamese
  • City / State: Nagaon
  • Directed By: Bidyut KR. Nath
  • Produced By: Rangamancha


A villager loses what is most precious to him to the lack of basic amenities in his village. How far will he go to find a remedy for his existential crisis and to the situation in the village?

Raghunath, a villager, loses his beloved daughter during a flood in Assam just because there is no bridge in the village for her to go to school during the flood. The memories of his daughter haunt him all the time.  He dreams of a new beginning and of a new, developed village where no children die because of the lack of a mere bridge.  To realise his dream, he creates a false rumour that he has an ancient statue of a god in his home, believing that it will attract the government and the media to the village and that eventually the government will build a temple in it. And with that, automatically the government will also be led to build a school and a bridge. But can Raghunath really cheat himself to do this? 

Writer-Director: Bidyut Kr. Nath
Light Design: Gautam Saikia
Music: Netra Kamal Bora
Costume: Gagan Choudhary
Art Direction: Bidyut Kr. Nath
Assistant Art Direction: Basanta Gohain


Bidyut Kr. Nath
Himangshu Deuri
Jintu Deka
Paresh Das
Priyam Jyoti Hazarika
Rupam Saikia
Jutrishna Gohain
Jyotshna Senapati

Raghunath has lost a precious asset in his life. For me, the important thing is that Raghunath is a hero for a small village where there are no schools, no temples, no bridges, and where every year there is a flood. Raghunath doesn’t act like a movie hero - he is a daily wager. In that sense, he is a zero in the time of globalisation.  What has Raghunath lost? What did he ‘get’?