Winners 2024
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Monday | 18 March 2024 | 06:00 PM
Shri Ram Centre
100 mins
  • Language: Marathi
  • City / State: Pune
  • Directed By: Mohit Takalkar
  • Produced By: Aasakta Kalamanch, Pune

Ghanta Ghanta Ghanta Ghanta Ghanta

A dystopic play about a couple whose differences are brought into focus when the government brings in a new law that forbids all citizens from speaking more than 140 words per day!

Ghanta's protagonists, Aaditya and Feroza, are your typical slightly mismatched couple: he’s an idealistic musician, she’s a sensible lawyer; he thinks she’s too careerist, but she thinks he’s just insecure because she earns more than him. Feroza achieves economic class-mobility by hustling over many years, whereas Aditya comes from a privileged background. Their differences are brought into focus when the government brings in a new law that forbids all citizens from speaking more than 140 words per day. How any couple can survive in such conditions forms the basis of the play. Their closeness is threatened, forcing them to water down their conversations to a meagre daily quota. But whereas Aaditya is affronted and joins a protest movement to try to get the act repealed, Feroza, whose instincts are conservative, is initially complacent about its ramifications. This alters the texture of their dialogue as the couple look to economise their word-count. Soul-searching discussions that had been long and involved must be resumed in near-monosyllabic tones. Their relationship may or may not be unravelling… 

ORIGINAL ENGLISH PLAY Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons


Lalit Prabhakar
Mallika Singh Hanspal

PRODUCER Ashish Mehta
LIGHT DESIGN Vikrant Thakar, Yash Potnis
SOUND DESIGN Mohit Takalkar, Saurabh Bhalerao
ART WORK & CALLIGRAPHY Chandramohan Kulkarni
ASSISTANT DIRECTORS Suyog Deshpande, Mohish Bhamare, Hrishikesh Pujari
PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Swapnil Ware, Aditya Santosh
STAGE HANDS Srujan Neela Harihar, Mangesh Ingole, Swarali Pendse, Arundhati Agashe
PRODUCTION ASSISTANCE Om Jagtap, Sharvari Haldavanekar
STILLS Kunal Sharma, Vishal Magar

SPECIAL THANKS Anita Kushwaha, Apurva Kulkarni, Ashish Deshpande, Anita Kushwaha, Atul Kumar, Chirag
Gujarati, Jeevak More, Pradyumna Chaware, Pradeep Vaiddya, Rajiv Gurung, Shukra Rai Gurung, Swarali Pawar,
Kuldeep Singh Shekhawat, Krutarth Kale, Rajesh Bhavsar, Shishir Kulkarni, Gokul KR, TCT Workspace (The
Company Theatre), The Base Pune, Infinite Variable, The Box Pune, Dawn Studio Pune

Post-pandemic, my practice altered heavily. Why engage in certain plays, their impact on my personal and social understanding and chiefly the grammar and syntax of the dramatic structure - took centre stage (for me). Steiner’s, ‘Lemons….’ struck a chord deeply and fundamentally where the slipperiness and complexity of language gets a rigorous workout while it attempts to show how words can conceal and also how apparent banalities can carry value and meaning. Of course, this play is as much about resistance as it is about language. Recent events in the country make many of its ideas feel not just interesting in the abstract, but alarmingly urgent. 
The play deals with the Nation – citizen or Society- human binaries, which have become strangely haphazard and bitter in today’s times. The overgrowing compulsion of ‘out-woking’ and arriving as a reactionary have become evident (in us). The strained socio-political environment has thrown cohabiting individuals into a disorder of communication, language, love and freedom. The fracture between Aaditya’s activism and Feroza’s apolitical uncertainty feels deeper and more pointed, a parable about creeping fascism. 
The inquiry of love emerging, relations sustaining and people coexisting is a concern which fascinated me. It’s a comment on the loss of freedoms and the general rise of global authoritarianism in recent years. The heavily segmented, non-linear narrative structure of this two-hander offered an imposing directorial challenge which was fun to wrestle with. Hope the audience resonates as much as we did while making the play.