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Sunday | 10 July 2022 | 07:00 PM
01 Hr 55 Min
  • Language: Bengali
  • City / State: N/A
  • Directed By: Saurav Palodhi
  • Produced By: Thakurpukur Ichheymoto



Ghoom Nei revolves around workers from the lowest segment of society with abysmal standards of living, struggling under dictatorship. That these are the people most impacted by gains and losses in a society is the central focus of the play. The play contains several parallel stories - the story of truck drivers and their existential crisis; the story of a dhaba and its owner; the story of an unemployed individual and his struggle to enter the mainstream; the story of an insane person and his sense of loneliness; the story of a senior individual to whom these other stories have no meaning; the story of two reporters and their constant search for a new story. A manifesto of the lowest working segment of society, the plot travels through a dark broken highway, attempting to reach the bridge of light, illuminated by hope and camaraderie.


Ekkori - Santanu Mondal
2.  Uddhab- Subhashis Khamaru
3. Satyen - Anurag Roy Chowdhury 
4. Police - Muddassar Hossain
5. Indra - Sajal Chakraborty
6. Reporter 1 (Prabir) - Suvojit Das
7. Reporter 2 (Nirmal) - Abyay Sadhu
8. Radha - Prasun Shome
9. Kesto - Kushal Chattapadhyay
10. Nakul - Apratim Sarkar
11. Hazra - Krishnendu Saha
12. Akhlakh - Buddhadev Das
13. Sona - Raju Nandy (Vicky)
14. Chitrakut - Raktim Sarkar
15. Malik - Sumanta Das
16. Jogu - Pritam Roy


17. Rajashree Ghosh - Back Stage Manager
18. Subhendu Biswas - Assistant Back Stage Manager
19. Manasi Sahoo - Back Stage Crew
20. Pramod Singh - Back Stage Crew
21. Muskan Mondal - Back Stage Crew
22. Kalyan Sarkar - Sound Operator
23. Somnath Chakraborty - Light Operator
24. Soumen Chakraborty - Light Director
25. Debdeep Mukherjee - Music Director.
26. Sulagna Nath - Asst. Director
27. Saurav Palodhi - Director

This plot from the 70s seemed very relevant today. It is a play of the uncivilized. A bourgeois boss is greeted with a “Good Morning” whereas truck drivers do not even think twice before berating their boss in filthy language to get their justified wages. Ghoom Nei teaches us to think anew and to raise the red flag of the proletariat. The audience will return with a strongly tied fist at the end.


Starting at the age of 16, Saurav Palodhi is a full time theatre practitioner, film director, theatre director, actor and scriptwriter for theatre and films. He has directed many theatre productions of which, Nataktar Naam Ki? was performed at NSD’s Bharat Rang Mahotsav 2016 and Theatre Olympics 2018.