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Friday | 24 March 2023 | 06:00 PM
Shri Ram Centre
1 hr
  • Language: Assamese
  • City / State: Delhi
  • Directed By: Barnali Medhi

Burn Out

Burn Out is based on Dr Bhabendra Nath Saikia's famous Assamese novel Antatip. Mohikanta, a man with the characteristics of feudal vanity and conceit, comes in contact with a British Deputy Commissioner of the district, who helps him in establishing a rice mill in town. The mill works like a mint, making Mohikanta richer and richer. He marries Menoka, an upright, beautiful girl of a cultured family. Menoka makes herself a charming, devoted wife, and in course of time becomes the mother of four children. Mohikanta, aided by lust, vanity, money and liquor, becomes a source of constant irritation to the family; but Menoka, with her love, tolerance and magnanimity keeps the family bright and happy.

Mohikanta often goes to the nearby villages to arrange paddy for his rice mill. On one of his visits to a certain village he comes across Kiran, a beautiful young girl of a very poor family. One day, to the utter dismay of everyone around, Mohikanta rides on an elephant at the head of a marriage procession and makes Kiran his second wife.

A composed Menoka accepts the entire episode with apparent calm. She rearranges her bedroom to accommodate her four children, while Mohikanta moves into a new bedroom along with kiran. Menoka accepts Kiran with stoic affection.

Mohikanta's old parents, already subdued by his impertinence, are resigned to their fate and become silent spectators. After the first flush of excitement of the second marriage is over, Mohikanta comes back to Menoka and she thwarts him.


Barnali Medhi
Sahidul Haque
Tapan Kr Baruah


Tapan Kr Baruah - Light Design
Sahidul Haque - Music
Himangshu Dewri, Rituraj Gogoi - Set Execution
Bhagyashree Patgiri - Stage Manager
Sahidul Haque - Set Design
Barnali Medhi - Director, Dramatization

Burn Out revolves around the female character of Menoka from the famous Assamese novel Antarip, written by renowned Assamese novelist Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia. Antarip is a Post-World War II story centred on a wealthy family living in a small town. The story is built on the eternal struggle women undergo in a patriarchal society and their pitiful condition as a result of it. This play aims to analyse the female protagonist from the perspective of her needs, dreams, rights, conflicts during. In the play, I wanted to show how Menoka, in her silent struggle within her patriarchal setup, fights for her identity, position and self-respect as a woman.