Calling for volunteers:

The Mahindra Group proudly presents the 13th edition of the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards (META) to be held in April 2018. Recognizing and rewarding all aspects of theatre production and stage craft, META is one of the Indian theatre’s premier awards.

META is a highly-regarded festival celebrating excellence at its core, and therefore we expect the best from our META team.

To help orchestrate an event of this scale and prestige, we welcome willing and able volunteers to join our extended META family. Commitment, professionalism and enthusiasm are basic requirements to be a volunteer for META as we believe the spirit and effort of these volunteers form the backbone of our event.

Though the Festival attracts some of the biggest names in the world of theatre, we need our volunteers to be focused on the job rather than get distracted. META volunteers will be in the spotlight of the Festival as they take on the theme of the plays in their appearance and demeanour, to give our audience a wholesome theatre experience. As a volunteer, you will get the opportunity to work closely with the Festival producers, theatre artistes and audiences; all while making one of the most comprehensive theatre awards in the country a remarkable success!

Before applying to be a volunteer for META, please keep in mind:

  • Applicants must be between the ages 18-25 years.
  • Applicants should ideally be from Delhi/have accommodation arrangements in Delhi and/or know their way around Delhi.
  • If selected, applicants will be required to work from the 10th-19th of April, 2018.
  • Working hours will be from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm (tentative).
  • Background experience in theatre is recommended, but not necessary.

Departments and duties that volunteers will be allotted are listed below. These duties may change according to requirements of the event. Please read carefully.

Jury Management: Volunteers will have to take care of Jury Members which will include welcoming them at the airport, assisting them in checking in at their hotel, escorting them to META venues. This requires full knowledge about the schedule, the venues, the plays and information such as background of plays and artistes. Ensuring the hospitality and well-being of the Jury Member is of prime importance as they are eminent personalities from theatre and arts.

Artiste Liaison: Volunteers are the face of META to our artistes. They will receive all artistes and assist them through the day. Being truly hospitable with warmth and a genuine effort to help is the prime responsibility. Do remember, the volunteer is the main line of communication between Teamwork Arts and the artiste.

Venue Management: Duties include making sure all venues are ready prior to every event that is to take place in that particular area. Volunteers will be required to ceaselessly exercise their prowess at organizing! Venues need to be prepared for theatre groups to enter and start setting up; volunteers must ensure all basic requirements are stocked up, cleanliness and management of all green rooms. They will also have to manage the crowds during shows and assist artistes during pack-up and when they vacate the auditorium.

Box Office Management: At box office duties, volunteers will be expected to manage the invitee lists, coordinate with the ticketing agency, update daily sales reports and ensure that the sale of tickets is tracked properly.

Logistics (Transport + Accommodation): One of the most stimulating albeit most challenging departments, this department requires meticulous time-keeping and organisational skills. Volunteers will be in charge of taking care of the artistes’ itinerary, having them picked up and dropped from and to their performance venues (Shri Ram Centre/ Kamani) and making sure their accommodation is ready when they arrive. Volunteers under this department will have to be quick on their feet in order to tackle any problem that may arise.

Blogging: Volunteer bloggers will capture the essence of META through their blogs. They will need to be present throughout the entire Festival and blog about the plays, get interviews from artistes and crews and provide the written pieces for the META website blog section.

Terms and Conditions

  • Once you have been allotted a department, there will be no changes made. Please do respect the outcome of our volunteer selection process. While you will be assigned a specific department, you may be required to double up and take on additional roles, when needed.
  • We would appreciate a ten-day prior notice if a volunteer wishes to back out after his/her selection.
  • Once shortlisted, applicants will be called in for an interview and will be intimated on the same via email. A skype/telephonic interview will be conducted for the volunteers who have worked with us before on other festivals. Those applying for the first time will have to be present for a personal interview which will be conducted at our office in Sultanpur, Delhi. The training and interview process is mandatory.
  • Teamwork Arts will not take care of travel, transport and accommodation of outstation volunteers. However, lunch/dinner will be provided depending on the working hours.
  • Our first preference when selecting volunteers will go to those residing in Delhi/having accommodation arrangements in Delhi.
  • Those selected to be volunteers will receive an honorarium and a certificate/letter of appreciation for their work after the event.

We look forward to a lasting partnership and hope META gives back to you its essence and spirit just as you give it your best.