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Shri Ram Center
2 hours (15 min interval)
  • Language: Marathi
  • City / State: Maharashtra
  • Directed By: Suraj Parasnis and Virajas Kulkarni
  • Produced By: Theatron Entertainment
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A modern Shakespearean tragedy that explores human psyche

A modern Shakespearean tragedy, the play looks at the lives of three common men and what happens to the best and worst of us when the pressure is high and morals are low.

A modern Shakespearean tragedy that explores human psyche
Keshav runs a barbershop with his father, Sakharam and friend, Anthony, in 1984 Pune. When a fateful accident sticks them with a dead body, the three barbers form a twisted plan to use it to solve their financial woes. The modern Shakespearean tragedy that follows, is a character study of what happens to the best and worst of us when the pressure is high, and morals are low.




Dance Choreographer






Inspector Waghmare


Sound Design & Operating


Shivraj Waichal


Gaurav Barve

Atharva Soundankar
Postman & 2 Customers ( Man & Boy )

Amogh Vaidya
2 Customers ( Fadanvis and Damle )

Swarali Ambaldage, Meghana Roy Chaudhari, Siddhi Date, Gandhar Kulkarni, Sangharsh Jogdande, Sumit Pawar, Akshay Nimbalkar  and Prem Mohite



Prasad Rajopadhye
Set Design

Vishal Raut
Stage Management             

Shivani Rathiwadekar

Kedar Sonpatki

Tejas Deodhar
Lights Design

Sachin Dunakhe
Lights Operator


Nishaad Golambare
Music Composer

Suraj Nandkumar Parasnis

Suraj Nandkumar Parasnis

Co-founder of the theatre group Theatron Entertainment, Suraj has been in the field since the past 15 years and works... as an actor, director, and producer. He has directed more than 20 plays in various languages (Marathi, Hindi, English, and mime), across age- groups and genres. He has premiered his plays at prestigious festivals like Centre Stage (NCPA), Sarang Festival by Sahitya Rangabhoomi Pratishthan, and has performed at the Kala Ghoda Festival, Zest Festival (NCPA),  and International Theatre Festival, (Bulgaria).  A two- time winner at Thespo in the Best Director category, Suraj also designs and facilitates theatre workshops for many organisations, colleges, and corporates.

  1. Best Director
Virajas Kulkarni

Virajas Kulkarni

Virajas Kulkarni has been writing, directing and acting for the last nine years. A graduate from Whistling Woods International, he... has gone on to write three feature films, and is currently working as a freelance ad-filmmaker. He co-founded Theatron Entertainment in 2011, which has gone on to produce more than 20 theatrical productions. He has written, directed and acted in award-winning plays like Anathema, Bhanvar, and Mickey that have made their mark with multiple awards and nominations at prestigious festivals like Thespo, Raja Paranjape Karandak, Saarang Festival, and the International Theatre Festival of Bulgaria. Besides being a part of four theatre productions, Virajas is also constantly writing and directing films, and performing as an amateur magician. Presently, he is starring as the lead in the show Maza Hoshil Na on Zee Marathi.

  1. Best Director
  2. Best Original Script
  3. Best Actor in a Supporting Role (male)
Vikrant Pawar

Vikrant Pawar

Vikrant has over 10 years of experience as a Sound Designer and is a certified sound engineer. 

  1. Best Innovative Sound Design
Devika Kale

Devika Kale

Devika Kale is an independent Costume Designer who works in theatre productions, Marathi films, short films, web series , and... for various events. She has been associated with experimental theatre groups in Pune like the Natak Company, Aasakta, and Theatron for the last 7 years. Some of her productions include Mahanirvan, All That I Wanna Do, and Mickey.

  1. Best Costume Design
Shivani Rathiwadekar

Shivani Rathiwadekar

A dancer and a choreographer, Shivani has been learning the form since she was 5 years old and has mastered... Karthak, Bellydance, Bollywood, and Contemporary.  She has also designed costumes for a number of plays such as Light Catcher, Mickey as well as for the music video of Man He Trushart.   

  1. Best Choreography
  2. Best Costume Design
Omkar Gokhale

Omkar Gokhale

Omkar has been working in the theatre, films, and television for the past 7 years as an actor and writer.... After college, he started performing with Theatron Entertainment and has not looked back since. He has also written 2 plays for Theatron Entertainment.

  1. Best Actor in a Supporting Role (male)

As directors, we were in the enviable position of not only being part of the principal cast of the play, but also working with actors we had collaborated with for the last decade.

From the get-go, we knew that the look and feel of the play needed to be very theatrical in nature so the audiences could look beyond the probability of the play, and concentrate on the nearly farcical character study of three desperate men.

The script was something we had come up with 6 years ago but had decided that we were neither creatively mature nor financially stable enough to give justice to the vision we had.

The Shakespearean angle sort of worked itself into the weaving of the play- mirroring, reflecting and referencing the bard through the silly shenanigans that the lead characters get into.

The final product is a comedy disguised as a Shakespearean Tragedy, delving into how anyone of us can commit the most heinous of crimes, if we just take one step at a time and have enough pressure.