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  • Contemporary
  • 1 Hour 10 Minutes

Drawing inspiration from Ashok Malhotra’s Child Man, MT Vasudevan Nair’s Randam Muzham and Jeanette Winterson’s Weight, the play explores the paradoxes and ironies in the life of the second Pandava prince Bhima.
Who is Bhima? What is his hunger? Who feeds it? What are the choices available to a hero? What is the fate of a typical “strong man in” contemporary times? These are some of the questions around which the key narrative of the play evolves.

Conceived by Vivek Vijayakumaran

Devised and performed by | Vivek Vijayakumaran & Sachin Gurjale

Direction | Anitha Santhanam

Script | Sachin Gurjale, Vivek Vijayakumaran, Ajith Lal, Swetanshu Bora and Anitha Santhanam

Lights | Niranjan Gokhale& Parthasarathi S

Costume and Design | Surabhi Vasisht & Aruna M

Production | Ajithlal Sivalal

Poster Design | Pratyush Singh

The play explores the concept of the eternal masculine and “strong” superhero embodies through Pandava prince Bhima.

In the course of the play complex questions are raised: Who is Bhima really and what is his relevance to contemporary society? Is his version of masculinity still acceptable, or is he just a child-man who seeks a guide? Is he a selfless narcissist?

In the current context how would Bhima fit – as a loyal middle management warrior who can never be CEO?  Would he be able to overreach his defined roles of the eternal family man, breadwinner, husband and son, and seek his identity as an individual? And even if he were to, would he even be accepted in a society which perhaps lauds its Arjuna’s only?

Contrasting the heroism of the Kutiyattam form with contemporary dialogue and commentary, using music and poetry as interventions, the play re-examines a version of masculinity and its interaction with modernity.

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  • Event Concluded

  • 00:00:00

  • Shri Ram Centre

  • Director:

    Anitha Santhanam 

  • Producer:

    Our Theatre 

  • Language:

    English & Malayalam

  • City / State:

    Bangalore, Karnataka

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