Outcaste Review

The dalits of modern India still face class distinction.They are housed outside the boundaries of cities and villages. The mahars are comparable to slaves.

Outcaste directed by Randhir Kumar is based on an autobiography of Sharankumar Limbale.  It is a social drama showcasing themes of moral degradation, social pruerience, deprivation, discrimination, and violence,and a liberal smattering of vulgar language.

The physical and mental plight of the dalit woman is beautifully portayed in the character of Shilpa Bharti who has acted commendably well. Steeped in the idea of her own inferiority she is a natural victim to the infidelity and unrestrained barbarism of the upper class brahmin.Her sons have no fixed wages, no sense of belonging,no identity per se.She is expected to extend sexual favors to his friend with a far flung remote promise of a piece of land which she might get.The hindu brahmin considered it his hereditary right to take possession of the dalit woman with perfect peace of mind, for nothing at all belongs to the dalit as his own.It is a common thing for them to make obscene remarks,to molest or abuse them.

I am not going to give you any more plot because of limitation of space but if you have an intention of seeing the play be conscious it is not for the weak-hearted.


By Prabha Jain

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