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A story of The Man, The Woman, The King, The Fakir and The Storyteller unfolding through 52 poems. A meditation on love, the characters traverse each other’s stories as they carry us through the past, present and future. The boundaries of time and space blur memoirs and reflections carry us on a journey through the narrative zones of virtual time and space.

Being in love with Love, one forgets true love.

Being in love with Self, one forgets true love.

The lovers, Man and Woman are smothered by the intensity of their love. They part on separate journeys, one through the secular world and the other through the internal labyrinths of the mind. Each seeks completion for the other. They realise that they have strayed from the true love they seek. She finds herself lost in love. The king opens his arms to pain. Each finds love by letting go of a vision of happiness.

Event Info:

  • Director: Mohit Takalkar

Cast & Crew:

  • Mohit Takalkar: Director
  • Satee Bhave: Playwright
  • Pradeep Vaiddya: Light Designer
  • Shachi Vaiddya: Stage Manager
  • Kalyani Kulkarni: Costume Designer
  • Sagar Deshmukh: Sound
  • Tushar Tajane: Technical Incharge / Subtitler
  • Nachiket Purnapatre: The Fakir
  • Nilesh Phal: The King
  • Radhika Apte: The woman
  • Ashish Mehta: The Lover
  • Onkar Govardhan: The Story Teller
  • Varun Narvekar: The Bar Tender
  • The Bar Dancer / The Queen
  • Sarang Sathye: The Traveller
  • Nachiket Dewasthale: The Police Officer/The Painter
  • Kapil Kulkarni: The Traveller
  • Sacin Deshmukh: The Traveller
  • Kartiki Khadkikar: The Bar Dancer / The Queen’s Maid
  • Harshada Datar: The Bar Dancer / The Queen’s Maid
  • Sachin Joshi: The Traveller
  • Neha Shitole: The Bar Dancer / The Queen’s Maid
  • Gandhali Deshmukh: The Bar Dancer / The Queen’s Maid
  • Anupam: The Traveller
  • Abhijeet Deshpande: Backstage / Property
  • Mahesh Limaye: Backstage / Property
  • Ranjit Gugale: Backstage / Property
  • Anupama Deshpande: Costume Manager