About The Open Couple


Antonia has coped for years with her husband, who has been trying to get her to agree to his idea of an open marriage. A mad-cap masquerade, a roller-coaster circus ring  or rather, just a normal relationship between a man and a woman. The play opens with Antonia as a suicidal emotional wreck and through a series of funny, poignant vignettes, concludes with a complete role reversal. Known for his witty political satires, what draws one to Dario Fos The Open Couple is the interplay of dualities in the politics of relationships.

Event Info:

  • Producer: 71 MM Productions
  • Director: Faraz Khan
  • City: Hyderabad
  • Duration: English
  • Language: 70 minutes

Cast & Crew:

Cast and Crew
  • Playwright: Dario Fo, written with Franca Rame
  • Director: Faraz Khan
  • Leading Role (Female): VaishaliBisht
  • Leading Role (Male): Anuj Gurwara
  • Technical Director: VaishaliBisht
  • Lighting Design: Faraz Khan &VaishaliBisht
  • Sound Design: Faraz Khan
  • Stage Design: Faraz Khan &VaishaliBisht
  • Costume Design: Faraz Khan
  • Make up: Faraz Khan &PriyankaaVir
  • Production Manager: PriyankaaVir