Savitri  dancing in the forest of death is the story of a womans journey of loss, search, discovery and spiritual freedom through love. The original Savitri a relatively minor character in the Mahabharata,is carried off after only a year of marriage by the God of Death, Yama. Savitri challenges Yama, in an attempt to win back the life of her husband Satyavan. Traditionally she has been seen as a pious woman upholding ideals of patriarchal Hinduism. Savitri  dancing in the forest of death is re-visions the ancient epic story of the princess Savitri. In the desire to capture Savitri for the modern world there is an option to see her character as a woman born with full independence of spirit and mind and autonomy but made to play the role of this paragon of duty and self-sacrifice formed thousands of years earlier. The performance of Savitri is developed as a dialogue between Preetis traditional roots in classical Indian dance-theatre and her provocative modern theories of movement and expression.

Event Info:

  • Producer: Thresh
  • Director: Preeti Vasudevan
  • City: Chennai
  • Duration: Tamil, English
  • Language: 1 hour 10 minutes

Cast & Crew:

  • Artistic Direction, Choreography and Performance by Preeti Vasudevan
  • Dramaturgy and Direction by J Ed Araiza
  • Original Text by Teddy Jefferson
  • Original Sound by John Hadfield
  • Costume by Deanna Berg
  • Lighting by J Ed Araiza & Deepa Dharmadhikari