About Samjhouta


Samjhouta presents the world as circus. The search for a job in old traditional way, the usual pain of running from one office to another highlights the play.Samjhouta is a story of youth, helpless in the circumstances and situation of the world around.

He confronts the harsh reality of today the changing face of todays man, where the pain and sorrows of the clown are portrayed as a source of amusement and entertainment through colorful face, clothes and gestures. To be successful in the world, man is even ready to acquire the lifestyle and traits of animals.

Sometimes he is ready to compromise even with his own ideals and thoughts for his success or to be alive. In this blind race of survival, Samjhoutais an attempt to reveal the hard realities of life .

Event Info:

  • Producer: The Fact Rangamandala
  • Director: Praveen Kumar Gunjan
  • Duration: Hindi
  • Language: 1hr 10minutes

Cast & Crew:

On stage
  • Performance-�� ManwendraKumar� Tripathy
  • Chorus Gaan �ChandanVats ,LalBabu ,Chandan Kumar, Awadh Kumar Thakur, Pankaj Gautam
  • Harmonium-���� Manoj Kumar
  • Instrument ����� AbdheshPaswan
Back stage
  • Light and Sets design Pravin kumarGunjan
  • Music Director Sanjay Upadhyay
  • Music Conductor  AbdheshPaswan
  • Sound Design Anjali Patil
  • Sound Operation  Chintukumar
  • StoryGajananmadhavmuktibodh
  • Dramatisation-Suman kumar
  • Design and Direction Pravin kumarGunjan
  • Production  The Fact Rangmandal .BegusaraiBihar.INDIA