About Purushasukta


Purushasukta is the most popular hymn found in all Vedas and used in almost any ritual. The hymn speaks about the Supreme Being  the Purusha, who pervades all that we know and beyond. This world is seen as a small part of that Purusha and is constantly changing for it is created and destroyed at every moment. It describes the creation of this world along with its life, form, identity and knowledge at physical, psychological and social levels.
The 18 mantras of the hymn found in Yajurveda, form the main text of this theatrical exploration. Purushasukta speaks about the cosmic being. If the philosophers and mystics conceive the universe as the human being, we in theatre have tried to explore the possibility of seeing the universe in the human body. This is a contemporary exploration of the cosmic hymn.

Event Info:

  • Producer: Abhjnana Theatre Research Foundation
  • Director: Joseph Jon
  • City: Bengaluru (Karnataka)
  • Duration: Multi Lingual
  • Language: 60 minutes

Cast & Crew:

  • J Sreenivasa Murthy
  • Charan C S
  • Joseph John
  • Girish KR
  • ConceptDr.J Sreenivasa Murthy
  • Direction Mr.Joseph John
  • Choreograpphy-  Mr. Charan C S
  • Lighting design – Mr. Sreekanthan Nair
  • Lighting execution- Mr. Shekhar
  • Sound Design – Mr. Joseph John
  • Ensemble -Mr. Prasad Ponnani ( Music Director )
  • Mr. Sandeepan, Mr. Shajee kunhan ( Instrument accompanists)
  • Mr. Dattaraj Deshpande, Mr. Raghuveer Deshpande (Vedic Chanting)
  • Execution of music – Dr. R Shobha
  • Costume Design–  Mr. Chidambar Rao Jambe, Ms. Sahana
  • Costume maker -Ms. Khashti Joseph
  • Costume manager- Ms. B P Jali
  • Stage Design–  Mr. Keshava Murthy
  • Stage properties–  Mr. Ramachandra Sherikar
  • Make up – Mr. Ramakrishna Kannarapadi
  • Co-ordination -Dr R Shobha
  • Stage managers – Mr. Giridhar S, Ms. Dhee