About Nominations 2014

Best Production

C Sharp C Blunt directed by Sophia Stepf and produced by Flinn theatre and Samudra Trust (Bengaluru [Karnataka], 75 Minutes, English)

Gabarghichor directed by Praveen Kumar Gunjan and produced by The Fact Art and Cultural Society (Begusarai [Bihar], 90 Minutes, Hindi and Bhojpuri)

Macbeth directed by MG Jyothish and produced by Abhinaya Theatre Research Centre(Thiruvananthapuram [Kerala], 1 hour 26 minutes, Malayalam)

Moment Just Before Death directed by Liju Krishna and produced by Saga Entertainment (Thrissur [Kerala], 75 Minutes, Malayalam)

Piya Behrupiya directed by Atul Kumar and produced by The Company Theatre(Mumbai [Maharashtra], 2 hours 30mins Interval of 15mins, Hindi)

Purushasukta directed by Joseph Jon and produced by Abhjnana Theatre Research Foundation (Bengaluru [Karnataka], 60 Minutes, Multi Lingual)

9 Parts of Desire directed by Lillete Dubey and produced by Primetime Theatre Company (Mumbai [Maharashtra], 75 Minutes, English)

The Open Couple directed by Faraz Khan and produced by 71 MM Productions(Hyderabad [Andhra Pradesh], 70 Minutes, English)

Best Director

Atul Kumar (Piya Behrupiya)

Faraz Khan (The Open Couple)

Joseph Jon (Purushasukta)

Liju Krishna (Moment Just Before Death)

Lillete Dubey (9 Parts of Desire)

MG Jyothish (Macbeth)

Praveen Kumar Gunjan (Gabarghichor)

Sophia Stepf (C Sharp C Blunt)

Best Stage Design

Bhola Sharma and Lillete Dubey (9 Parts of Desire)

Liju Krishna (Moment Just Before Death)

MG Jyothish (Macbeth)

Sita Ram (Gabarghichor)

Best Light Design

Bhola Sharma (9 Parts of Desire)

MG Jyothish (Macbeth)

Ranjith Panikkassery (Moment Just Before Death)

Srikanth (Purushasukta)

Best Innovative Sound/Music Design

Pallavi MD, Sophia Stepf and Nikhil Nagaraj (C Sharp C Blunt)

Prasad Ponnani (Purushasukta)

Gagan Riar and Amod Bhatt (Piya Behrupiya)

Manoj Mahto and Deepak Kumar (Gabarghichor)

Best Costume Design

Faraz Khan (The Open Couple)

Lillete Dubey (9 Parts of Desire)

MG Jyothish (Macbeth)

Team C Sharp C Blunt (C sharp C blunt)

Trupti Khamkar, Neha Saraf and Kiyomi Mehta (Piya Behrupiya)

Best Actor in a Leading Role (Male):

Chandan Kumar (Gabarghichor)

Manoj Omen (Moment Just Before Death)

Best Actor in a Leading Role (Female)

Abhija Shivakala: Lady Macbeth (Macbeth)

Ira Dubey (9 Parts of Desire)

MD Pallavi (C Sharp C Blunt)

Vaishali Bisht (The Open Couple)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Male)

Amitosh Nagpal (Piya Behrupiya)

Anuj Gurwara (The Open Couple)

Gagan Riar (Piya Behrupiya)

Ravi Ranjan Kumar (Gabarghichor)

Sreenivas V K (Macbeth)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female)

Geetanjali Kulkarni (Piya Behrupiya)

Mansi Multani (Piya Behrupiya)

Neha Saraf (Piya Behrupiya)

Trupti Khamkar (Piya Behrupiya)

Best Original Script

Amitosh Nagpal (Piya Behrupiya)

Liju Krishna (Moment just before Death)

MG Jyothish (Macbeth)

Sophia Stepf, Pallavi MD, Swar Thounaojam and Irawati Karnik (C Sharp C Blunt)

Best Ensemble



Piya Behrupiya


Best Choreography

Atul Kumar and Neha Saraf (Piya Behrupiya)

Charan CS (Purushasukta)

MG Jyothish (Macbeth)