About Layla Majnun


Layla Majnun is retold yet again as a narrative poem and a play, tracing the lives of two young people, both hemmed in by the people, the places and the nature of the nomadic Bedu society in the early years of the 7th Century A.D in the Middle East. The story begins with the chorus, a group of women, introducing this tale to the audience. They give a brief background of how love blossomed in the hearts of these two young people and its passion and intensity
Next we find Layla’s parents discussing how this love between them (Queys and Layla) has brought the family nothing else but shame. Queys’s father speaks to Layla’s father who refuses this proposal. Disheartened Queys slips into melancholy. On a pilgrimage to Mecca, Majnun strikes the Kaaba and cries. He runs away into the wilderness, becoming unkempt, not knowing good from evil.
Layla meanwhile is married to Ibn Salem. Two years after his death Layla finds Queys but, realizes that the one she loved is lost and has been replaced by a new Queys who is so much in love with the image of Layla, similar to that of Allah. Brokenhearted she leaves Queys who has transcended to a life full of love and light and has become oblivious to Layla’s death.

Event Info:

  • Director: Ram Gopal Bajaj
  • Duration: Urdu
  • Language: 2 Hours 35 Minutes (including interval)

Cast & Crew:

  • Sayyid: Banwari Taneja
  • Queys/ Majnun: Ejlal Ali Khan
  • Layla: Laxmi Rawat
  • Layla’s Father: Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub
  • Layla’s Mother: Kavita Kundra
  • Ibn Salem: Amit Saxena
  • Naufeel: Firoz Zahid Khan
  • Amir: Ishtiyak Arif Khan/ Rajesh Singh
  • Sabir: Durgesh/ Lokesh Jain
  • Chorus: Babita Pandey, Rasika Agashe, Hema Bisht,
  • Mukta Singh, Meeta Mishra
  • Stage hands  & other characters : Utpal Jha, Lokesh Jain, Ishtiyak Arif Khan, Amit Saxena,
  • Rajesh Sharma, Sanjay, Pabitra Rabha, Firoz Zahid Khan,
  • Rajesh Singh, Aditee Biswas, Ram Gopal Bajaj
  • Stage Managers : Rajesh Sharma & Lokesh Jain
  • Set : Aditee Biswas , Rajesh Singh
  • Lights : Daulat Vaid
  • Assisted by : Utpal Jha, Rajesh Sharma
  • Costumes : Amba Sanyal
  • Assisted by : Meeta Mishra, Hema Bisht
  • Fabricated by : Sanjay & Sakshi
  • Music & Sound Design : Rajesh Singh
  • Operated by : Aditee Biswas
  • Properties : Rajesh Sharma
  • Choreography : Amit Saxena
  • Make-up : Syed Illiyas
  • Assisted by : Utpal Jha
  • Playwright : Ismail Choonara
  • Urdu Translation : Sabir Irshad Usmani
  • Transcription to Devnagri Script : Uma Jhunjhunwala & Azhar Aalam
  • Directed by : Ram Gopal Bajaj
  • Associate directors : Rajesh Singh & Aditee Biswas
  • Production Created by : Shabdaakaar (Dilli)
  • In association with : Little Thespian (Kolkata)
Acknowledgements :

Shahid Anwar, Uma Jhunjhunwala & Azhar Aalm, Shantanu Deora, L.T.G., Delhi, Govind Yadav, Bhaskar Chandravarkar, Pabitra Rabha, Seagull Theatre Group, Guwahati, National School of Drama, New Delhi