About Kuhaimaravasigal (Cave Tree Dwellers)


Dr. S. Murugabhoopathy

Best Director, Best Original Script, Best Choreography

S. Murugabhoopathy, Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puruskar is the founder and director of Manalmagudi, a contemporary non-conventional theatre troupe that continuously experiments with theatrical content and form in terms of text, movements, properties, music, visuals and space. Starting with street theatre in 1987, Murugabhoopathy has acted in and directed more than 20 plays, contextualised in the silences and gaps in mainstream history, such as the forgotten faces of great theatre personalities, the loneliness of prisoners, and suppressed local histories, exploring and transcending limits of body, space, time and performance. In his main productions he made extensive use of rituals of local Tamil rural land, bringing about a new genre of theatre of as yet unexplored theatrical vocabulary, not merely enacting rituals into theatre but embodying a theatrical ritual, with performances across Tamil Nadu and elsewhere in India, including in international festivals in New Delhi and Karnataka. Murugabhoopathy has also directed around 40 children’s plays, and published books of his selected plays, children’s stories, and written many articles on theatre.

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