About Kalivesham


A play based on the famous Kathakali story, Nalacharithamfocuses on the life experience of an actor who is known for his role of Kali. In the epic theme, King Nala is the protagonist who gets possessed by Kali, the evil character. The text of this play provides a context in which Nata (Actor) is the protagonist. There is an interaction of three characters Nata, Kali and Nala. Kali’s presence can be manifested only through Nata. The Nata in this play is a Brahmin who follows his cast prescriptions for a strictly religious life, whereas he is destined to do the role of a wicked character. When the actor encounters a situation that his fans always prefer to see him in Kali’s role, he is caught up in a predicament and he is denied of any role than that of Kali. This experience of the actor can be extended beyond the individual level, so as to reach out to the realm of life of those who are hit by the evil designs of Kali and who meet with their tragedy. The play envisages the crisis, which human life encounters and the idea highlights how such dilemma could be overcome.

Event Info:

  • Director: Kavalam Narayana Panikkar
  • Duration: Malyalam
  • Language: 1 Hour30 Minutes

Cast & Crew:

On Stage
  • Nata: Gireesan V
  • Nala :  Sathish Kumar G
  • Kali : Saji Kumar S L
  • Wife of Nata : Malu R S
  • Damayanti : Saritha J L
  • Karkotaka: Manikanton P
  • Agni: Shaji R
Off Stage
  • Percussion: Sivakumar K, Kavalam Padmanabhan
  • Vocal: Anilkumar
  • Flute: Dr. Venugopu
  • Light & Sound: Harikrishnan Kavalam
  • Costume & Make up: Sarada
  • Choreography, Music, Design & Direction : Kavalam Narayana Panikkar
  • Presented by: Sopanam, Thiruvananthapuram