About Jury 2016

jury-web_0004_Kunal Basu

Kunal Basu

Kunal Basu is the author of critically acclaimed novels including The Opium Clerk, The Miniaturist, Racists, The Yellow Emperor’s Cure, and most recently Kalkatta. His work has been translated into several languages and nominated for prestigious awards. The lead story of his collection of stories, The Japanese Wife, has been made into an award winning film. He has written screenplays, poetry and monographs on photography and traditional crafts. Kunal Basu has acted on stage and on screen. Born in Kolkata and educated in India and the United States, he teaches in Oxford University and lives in Oxford and Kolkata.

jury-web_0003_Kusum Haidar

Kusum Haidar

Kusum Haidar is a widely-acclaimed actor of the Delhi stage. She was introduced to theatre by Ebrahim Alkazi at his Theatre Unit in Bombay. Subsequently, she was trained in mime and movement at the Ecole Internationale de Theatre. She rode the new wave in theatre and became a funding m ember of Yatrik that produced both classical plays of the 60s as well as plays by India’s new dramatists. She has worked with some of the most significant directors in Indian theatre. Kusum Haidar has been awarded the French Government Scholarship for specialized training in theatre arts. She has been given the Best Actress award (1960-61) by the Delhi Natya Sangh for her role in Dinner with the Family, Best Actress (1975) for her role as Lalli in Vasna Kand directed by Sai Paranjape and many other awards. She was felicitated by the Bharatiya Natya Sangh on World Theatre Day (2011) for her contribution to theatre since 1957. Kusum Haidar received the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for her contribution to Indian theatre.

jury-web_0002_M.K. Raina

M.K. Raina

M.K.Raina is a well-known theatre luminary, who has been working in the field of theatre for the last three and a half decades. He has worked extensively in both contemporary and traditional theatre in South Asia and has been instrumental in reviving the traditional folk theatre of Kashmir, the Bhand Pather. He has been on the visiting faculty of several national and International Institutions, both in India and abroad. He has also presented several papers in seminars, both national and international level. He is a well-known social and cultural activist and is a founder member of SAHMAT, a trust formed to promote communal harmony and social equality. He has also made documentaries and films for various national institutions and for national channels. For his long term contribution to theatre, he has been the recipient of several awards including the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, the Sahitya Kala Parishad Samman, the Sanskriti Award and the B. V. Karanth lifetime achievement award.

jury-web_0001_Sushma Seth

Sushma Seth

Sushma Seth is a versatile actress, a teacher of speech and drama. She received her Bachelor’s degree in drama from Carneige Melon University in USA. She also received the highest honor for excellence from Briarcliff College, where she was President of Student Council, and crowned May Queen!
A Founder Member of Yatrik, Sushma Seth has played lead roles in over 80 plays, in Hindi, Urdu and English theatre and directed over 30 plays in an eminently successful career since 1960.
Sushma has acted in over a 100 films and television series, notable among them were Humlog and Dekh Bhai Dekh.
She established the Children’s Creative Theatre in 1973 and at present, she is the Cultural Director of an inter-faith NGO Arpana, which believes that “service with love is true worship” and where Ms. Seth has held many production-oriented workshops.

jury-web_0000_Tanushree Shankar

Tanushree Shankar

Internationally reputed dancer Tanusree Shankar is the choreographer and the chief inspiration of her troupe. Tanusree has developed a kind of choreography, which is outstanding and original and is based on the Shankar technique of “New Dance”, following the path shown by Uday Shankar.

Recipient of the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for 2011 for her contribution towards Creative and Experimental Dance, she has worked with renowned international and Indian artistes.

Tanusree has acted in several films. In 2003, her film “Hemanter Pakhi” received the National Award for the Best Regional Film. She has also worked with Mira Nair in “The Namesake.”