About Journey to Daakghar


We all know thatDakGhar (The Post Office) describes how a child striving to escape his stuffy confines, ultimately fall[s] asleep (which suggests his physical death). A story with worldwide appeal DakGhar dealt with death as, in Tagore’s words, “spiritual freedom” from “the world of hoarded wealth and certified creeds”. During World War II, Polish doctor and educator JanuszKorczak selected The Post Office as the play the orphans in his care in the Warsaw Ghetto would perform. According to his biographer, Betty Jean Lifton, in her book The King of Children, the underlying reason for this being that since Dr.Korczak thought a great deal about whether one should be able to determine when and how to die, he may have been trying to find a way for the children in his orphanage to accept death. The play Journey toDaakghar deals with the original play by Rabindranath Tagore along with the poets journey in writing the play and the production history of the play.

Event Info:

  • Producer: KasbaArghya
  • Director: Manish Mitra
  • Duration: Bengali & English
  • Language: 1hr 55minutes

Cast & Crew:

Playwright : Manish Mitra

(Based on Rabindranath Tagores Daakghar and other sources of history viz, ABANINDRANATH TAGORE,RANI CHANDA, PRASANTA KUMAR PAL, SELINA HOSSAIN, BETTY JEAN LIFTON)

Set Design : Sanchayan Ghosh

Light Design : Chandan Das & Manish Mitra

Costume Design : Manish Mitra

Music : V. Chandran, Avijit Chakraborty and Piyali Das


Rabindranath Tagore : Anirban Ghosh

Amal 2 : Sima Ghosh

Amal 1 : Srijan Das

Fakir : RanitModak

Baul : Babar Ali

Kathak : SaumyaMazumdar

Amal 3 (Shadow) : SeshedriMitra

Sita Debi : Sarbani Ghosh

Ashamukul Das : Nirjhar Ghosh

Village Women : SampaModak, Subhashree Bhattacharya and Roshni Ghosh

Doiwala : Manish Mitra

Pisemosay : Mihir Das

JanuszKorzack : Utsav Dutta

Orphan in Warsaw Ghetto : Sima Ghosh , Priyankar Das, Srijan Das, AvijitChackraborty, Piyali Das, SatyajitPramanik, Ujjaini Ghosh,

Army Officers in Orphanage : Mihir Das &IndranilBanerjee

Curd Seller in Orphanage : SaumyaMazumdar

Tarapada : SatyajitPramanik

Prahari : Indranil Banerjee

Sudha : Ujjaini Ghosh

Rajdoot : Subhashree Bhattacharya

Raj-Kabiraj : Anirban Ghosh

Flute : AvijitChackraborty

Vocal : Piyali Das, MonalisaDey

Rhythm : Niloy Chakraborty

Others : BabunSaha, Rajat Das

Technical Team : Chandan Das, Ranjit Das, Deep Boidya, Tapan Das, Adhir Kumar Ganguly,