About Ilhaam


Bhagwan is the epitome of the mundane — a middle-aged banker, married, with two grown up college-going children. However, one day, while sitting on a decrepit park bench he stumbles upon ‘enlightenment’. Therein begins the battle between the world outside and his world inside.
First he loses his job. Then his whereabouts are unknown for weeks at length. When he is finally found, his family and friends cannot understand a word of what he says. He has forgotten the speech of everyday use. His dissociation with his previous life continues to grow; as his internal world brings in newer associations. A ‘chacha’ or uncle that only he can see; a dumb-mute beggar whose singing only he can hear. Bhagwan’s journey to ‘the other side’ is as alluring as it is mystifying.
But it is not a ‘knowledge’ that Bhagwan wishes to have. He wants to return to his daughter, his wife and the regularity of his everyday life. Thus begins his fight to ‘return’.

Event Info:

  • Director: ManavKaul
  • Duration: Hindi

Cast & Crew:

  • Saurabh : Saurabh Nayyar
  • Bhagwan : Kumud Mishra
  • Pinky : Dilshad Edibaram
  • Shukla / Chachaji : Abhay Joshi
  • Poonam : Ayesha Raza
  • Mohan : Bhupesh Kumar
  • Baba : Akkash Basnet
  • Production-in-charge: Kshipra Jain.
  • Sound : Akkash Basnet & Saurabh Nayyar
  • Lights : Nitin Bharadwaj
  • Design : Choiti Ghosh & Manav Kaul
  • Script & Direction : Manav Kaul