About Dream from My Room


Dreams from my Room is a short solo play. It attempts to visualise the mental states of the people in a conflicting world. The play emphasizes the psychology of the victims in a traumatic world and their serious emotions.

An artist dreams from his theatre room for a peaceful living but his dreams could not change the reality of the conflicted world.
The ethnic group clashes and mass-killing increases child soldiers in the different conflict zones of this world and deteriorates human civilization. The seriousness of minds leads to an emotional ending.

Event Info:

  • Producer: PAN Manipur Theatre
  • Director: Chingatham Manikanta Singh
  • Duration: Manipuri
  • Language: 50 mins

Cast & Crew:

  •  Mr.ChingthamBanikanta Singh – Director and Performer
  •  Playwright – Mr.BudhaChingtham
  • Media Co-ordinator – Miss Ch. Diana Devi
  • Production Manager – Mr.Ch. Nabakanta Singh
  • Music (Sound) – Mr. N. Tiken Singh
  • Light – Mr.L. Ibochouba Singh
  • Multimedia – (i) Mr.S. Sharat Singh  (ii) Mr.RaichandaChingtham
  • Costume – Mrs.R.K. Sumitrarani Devi
  • Instrumentalist – (i) Mr. H. Anilkumar Singh  (ii) Mr.H. Bhagat Singh
  • Make-Up – Mr.PrasantaMoirangthem
  • Stage crew – (i) Mr. Ch. Rocky Singh  (ii) Mr.Ch. Uttamkumar Singh