About After Death – The Spiritual Journey


Vikram Mohan

Best Director & Best Choreography

Vikram Mohan was born in New Delhi. He started his dance education in the National Ballet Academy and Lucia Martha’s Institute for Performing Arts, Netherlands under many International teachers. In 2006 he founded his own Dance Company, Voxpop Dancers India. He also worked as freelance Choreographer in theatres. He worked with the National School of Drama, Film Television Institute Pune, MP School of Drama Bhopal and many theatre groups. He was nominated for Best Choreographer in Mahindra and Mahindra Excellence Theatre Awards 2007.He has done many International Projects as a choreographer. He attended the International Choreographer Week 2014 in Tilburg Netherlands that included 14 choreographers from around the world.

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Sterre Sharma

Best Costume design

Sterre Sharma was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1952. She studied Fine Arts at the Corcran School of Art, Washington DC, USA. Sterre also worked as a fashion designer for MEXX India for 9 years. The owner of the ‘Balloons’ children fashion wear for over 25 years, she has held 18 solo painting exhibitions in India and abroad.


Bhooshan Bhat

Best Innovative Sound Design

A person with eclectic interests, Mr. Bhooshan Bhat is not only a music director but a lyricist, singer and an actor. He started his career with Rangmandla (Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal) then moved to Rangayana (Mysore), Ninasam Repertory (Heggodu) and Shri Ram Centre (Delhi). A prodigy of the former NSD Director Late Shri B.V Karanth, Bhatt was his assistant for 14 years. Associated with theatre for over 3 decades, he has composed music for more than 60 plays in various languages. Currently he is working on sound anthropology and documenting the work of Shri B.V Karanth under the name Raag Karanth. He has been awarded the HRD Junior Fellowship for his work on the utilisation of Jahbua’s Tribal Music in contemporary Indian theatre. He has been constantly working on the music of the Bhil and Baiga Tribe.
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Kumaradas TN

Best Light Design

Kerala born NSD alumnus Kumaradas TN is an acclaimed Theatre actor, Director and designer. He completed his graduation on Theatre Technique & Design from the National School of Drama in 2009. Kumaradas presently heads the Design department of the Madhya Pradesh School of Drama, Bhopal. He has worked in folk and traditional performance arts, media projects, video and lens based projects, lighting and design scene works and experimented with new materials. His recent directorial and designed project was Nagamanadala in Ireland, which was performed for the first time by the Indian immigrant community in Indo-Irish history. He has designed several theatre festivals and has designed a multimedia production, “Strange line” by the Swiss Art Council.

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Pragati Agarwal

Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female)

Pragati Agarwal in the last 4 years of professional ballet and contemporary dance training has had the opportunity to learn from various talented international and Indian faculties. In addition to this she has had training in other dance forms like Jazz, Modern and Chhau.