About Charshe Koti Visarbhole


The play opens with Narada, famous for his closeness to the Gods and his habit of playing mischief. Maruti and Ashwatthama, two characters from Indian epics are immortals, have a custom of meeting after two hundred years and they are meeting now after such a period.

They are in an office of a businessman, Sudhir. They are disturbed by the callousness of modern day people. Narada tells them that in 3985 medical science is so developed that there is no natural, accidental or illness death any more. Transactions happen with life span. In an extreme condition of capitalism if one does not earn enough one simply dies, when his/her spending is more than their earning.

Narada instigates them into activity by challenging their honour. They are now the richest people since they have never-ending supply of life i.e. money. They start a company . Initially they are just reckless and do it as a game but slowly they get more and more involved. Since no one can compete with them, Sudhir tries to manipulate the central controlling computer, as that is the only way to fight Maruti and Ashwatthama.

The play ends as bizarrely as it starts by the entire human race thrown back by 2000 years into 1985. Nobody even realizes that they have suddenly been shifted in time and have a new set of memory. They are back to where they were but for them everything has changed in this absurd existence  at least for the time being!

Event Info:

  • Director: Mohit Takalkar
  • Duration: Marathi
  • Language: 100 min without interval

Cast & Crew:

  • Two Act Marathi Play
  • (Four Billion Forgetfuls!!)
  • Playwright : Makarand Sathe
  • Director : Mohit Takalkar
  • Lights : Pradeep Vaiddya
  • Costumes : Kalyani Kulkarni
  • Music & Sets : Mohit Takalkar
  • Production : Ashish Mehta
  • Publicity design : Tushar Tajane
  • Maruti : Omkar Gowardhan
  • Ashwatthama : Sarang Sathaye
  • Sudhir : Nachiket Poornapatre
  • Narad : Jitendra Joshi
  • Jaydeo : Ameya Wagh
  • Sarang : Ashish Mehta
  • Mangala : Rupali Bhave
  • Hari/ram/Krishna : Varun Narvekar
  • Mutha : Nachiket Chidgopkar
  • Sarang’s Son : Alok Rajwade
  • Cornered : Suyash Tilak
  • Singer : Jasraj Joshi
  • Wife : Prajakta Kanegaonkar
Supported by
  • Ruturaj Shinde, Harshad Deshpande,
  • Nachiket Devasthali, Sachin Deshmukh
Stage Assistance
  • Anupam Barve, Neel Deshpande,
  • Gandhali Deshmukh, Sachin Deshmukh,
  • Rashmi Rode, Radhika Apte,
  • Rohit Bapat, Amey Sane