About The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is a contemporary take on the 1920 film and emerged out of spatial experimentation with a focus on objects, some found and others made. It is a multi media performance in which the scenography and dramaturgy emerged together in an attempt to navigate through a rundown warehouse space where the production has been staged. The story of Holstenwall unfolds through multiple layers of visual narratives slowly peeling off, to keep the audiences at the edges of their seats. It tends towards an immersive experience for the spectators, and engages them through a visual language that is trying to break out of chronological narrative and place the spectator in a position to weave together the plot through a broken audio-visual narrative.

Director’s Note

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari offers the possibility of looking into the layers of the human mind, which is always floating rather than certain and complex in nature. In fact, the complexity of the plot allowed me the possibility to explore the story in a multi-layered fashion, the way I like to tell a story. The human mind is quite complex in its ability to comprehend non linearity and fragmented information. It is the normative institutions around us that would rather regiment our minds to make sure we all walk in a straight line. The play is a result of a long process that lasted five months which primarily encouraged the students to experiment with the spatial conguration between the audience and the performer. The Dramaturgy and Scenography evolved simultaneously working in the particular site which is a rundown warehouse, now converted into a performance space. In this performance I attempted to explore the possibility of total theatre in which all the aspects of theatre such as scenography, dramaturgy, actor’s performance come together to make it a ‘total’ experience.

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Event Info:

  • Producer: Performance Studies Collective
  • Director: Deepan Sivaraman
  • City: Delhi
  • Duration: English
  • Language: 1 Hr 15 Mins (No Interval)

Cast & Crew:

On Stage
  • Dr. Caligari: Akshay Burman and Tanya Sharma
  • Cesare: Taha Abdul Majeed
  • Jane: Harman Kaur and Garima
  • Francis: Purav Goswami
  • Town Clerk and Dr. Stern: Vijay Singh
  • Policeman 1: Ankur Saxena
  • Policeman 2: Benil Biswas
  • Alan: Deepan Sivaraman
  • Attendants: Salvin V. Francis, Tanya Sharma, Akshay Burman, Harman Kaur, Garima

Off Stage

  • Production Manager: R. Amritha Sruthi
  • Video Direction and Projection: Wency Mendes
  • Light Design: Alex Sunny
  • Sound Design: Kaustubh Naik, Rohan Naik
  • Scenography and Direction: Deepan Sivaraman
  • Dramaturgy: Purav Goswam
  • Props: Tanya Sharma
  • Stage Design: Deepan Sivaraman
  • Stage Assistants: Salvin V. Francis and Ankur Saxena
  • Costume: R. Amritha Sruthi and Tanya Sharma
  • Posters and Banners: Benil Biswas